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  1. we're doing the same - in fact we're doing the legal piece tomorrow! and then we're having our symbolic ceremony down in mexico during labor day weekend. it seemed like so much more of a hassle to have the actual legal part in mexico (blood work, etc) and noone really has to know
  2. just want to give my two cents. i was totally determined to do it myself because who else would have my interests in mind. i ended up going with a travel agent - i couldn't find any rates that came close to matching what she was able to find at azul beach. even my guests commented on what a great deal she got!
  3. thanks so much for the warm welcome!
  4. congrats on your engagement! i lurked for awhile too - but there are so many great tips here - you'll have a great time wedding planning
  5. spicytuna

    Cabo Bride

    congrats on your engagement and enjoy the wedding planning!
  6. i'm getting married in mexico (riviera maya) in sept, even though it can be hurricane season. my travel agent asked me one question "are you lucky" because there's nothing that can stop the weather. she said it's a gut feel - you can't go wrong either way
  7. congratulations and enjoy your wedding planning!
  8. congratulations and happy wedding planning!
  9. take some drowsy medicine that will knock you out for the flight
  10. agree - that i'm going to wait until after the reception - since it's all inclusive!!
  11. what a wonderful story. great that they were able to fix your ring!
  12. i just looked at your photos - such a great photographer you had!
  13. we got engaged on our 1 year anniversary, and getting married on our 2 year! at this rate, i hope we're not having a baby on our 3rd...
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