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  1. We were comped 2 nights for a site visit last November. Our wedding is in September. The only way to the terrace is by 10 or so stairs - no elevator access there. But like said above there is elevator access everywhere else around the resort.
  2. Hi Liliana, I'm going with the Saphire collection in September but I've come across photos of the Diamond package that may help you. http://www.chrisbaltazar.com/2010/05/03/cancun-destination-wedding/ http://shirazphotographyblog.com/?p=574 I hope these help!! Happy planning.
  3. Hi Roxy! I have spoken to a bride that used the onsite photographer at BP...trying to find her info now. She also sent me her pics and they were decent but I did personally want a bit more uummmpphhh in my photos if that make sense. Her words to me were " I did not love the resort photos but we got a couple good ones." She wrote a review on here as well. I don't think the resort photogs are a particular company. When I was there they were all wearing Kodak shirts. They have a stand inside near the spa for people to schedule photo shoots and see pics that have been taken but I don't
  4. We've booked Mannia Audio Visual & Illumination to be our DJ and do a slide show and dance floor on our 9/10/11 wedding. Pricing is: DJ Service - MC DJ DJ booth Sound system Wireless microphone Robotic lights 4 hrs of service = $990 Extra hour = $150 Sound system for ceremony = $300 (we didn't need this) Slide show- Screen & LCD projector = $320 Dance floors range depending on size & lighting from $400-$1500 They also offer cold fireworks (they call them sparkles) for $200 Hope this helps!
  5. Hi! Thank you so much - our wedding will be in Cancun, MX at the Beach Palace Resort. We're getting really excited!! It's coming so fast!!
  6. My fiance and I have officially booked with FineArtStudio also for our wedding in September. Their work is amazing, prices are very good, and Fabrizio is VERY quick to respond to emails! He answered every question I had before we decided to go with him which we feel really good about.
  7. Thank you so much for sharing this photographer, I LOVE their style and am contacting them now to see if they're available on my date!!
  8. Thank you so much. I really wish we were using him for our wedding but his brother is actually getting married the same day. Very sad!! Congrats to you as well - enjoy Jamaica, I love it there!!
  9. My fiance and I live in GA and flew to south FL for our engagement shoot with our great friend Adam Opris who also happens to be an amazing photographer. Here are some of my favs! See for yourself and tell me what you think!
  10. These are amazing! I'm going to make one or have one made now, I gotta have one! Thank you all for sharing.
  11. My wedding coordinator, Lauren, replied in writing that it's okay to used outside vendors if they are guests of the wedding and staying at the resort which is NOT what I want so I am continuing to work this out. I want to use local vendors that will not be staying at the hotel. Ultimately the resort wants to make sure they get a nice chunk of the revenue either through the mark up of their preferred vendor or by an outside vendor being an overnight guest. Hellllooooo we have 21 rooms booked already, I think we're bringing a nice chunk of revenue! Sheesh!
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