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  1. we picked it because we are huge reggae lovers and as soon as a DW was brought up the only place we thought about was Jamaica. Sure, there were other contenders, but we always came back to Jamaica.
  2. While I have my mind made up about where I would like to go (Jamaica)...FI does not He recently talked to me about El Dorado Casitas Royale. Well, of course, I loved it when I saw it (I think I've loved almost every resort that I've seen). However, I started reading the requirements for getting married in Mexico, and it just seems like it is loop after loop. Is it really as bad as I am making it seem or it is an easier process? It is only going to be FI and I and paying $80 for witnesses just seems a little excessive. There is a possiblty of two of our friends joining us, but it is not set in stone yet; however, that would still leave $40 to spend for witnesses. Plus the $125 for the blood tests (because I'm not going all out for the wedding packages since there is just two of us). It just seems like it would be easier still in Jamaica. What have you ladies experienced with this? TIA!!
  3. I need some help with fonts. I plan on making a shirt (well...at least designing and then getting it silk screened). I hope my vision actually looks good...I going to try and find a plain white t-shirt jpeg that I can screw around with. I plan on having the music group 311's logo on the front of the t-shirt (doesn't seem like enough tho) and then on the top of the back have "Ocho Rios, Jamaica 3-11-11" and then on the bottom of the back of the t-shirt have "bride" on mine and "groom" on his. I know there are so many fonts out there...and I'm hoping that maybe some of you might have some really nice fonts...besides really curly fonts. I have started looking at dafonts.com, but again I have no idea what font I want. Anyone have any suggestions? and not just fonts...if you think I should add or change the design, please let me know!! Anything would be appreciated!! TIA!!!
  4. so FI and I finally decided exactly where we want to get married in Jamaica... Couples Sans Souci He really wanted to go to Ocho Rios and I love everything that I've read and seen about the resort. We actually haven't put down the deposit (we'll do that either late this week or early next week). But we've chosen a location and anyone who knows what we've been through (back and forth for 6 months now) knows how wonderful this is. So excited!! I feel a weight lifted off my shoulders (even if it is super small).
  5. we're both 25. there's a month and three day difference...with me being older.
  6. I'm not worried...I'm hoping that they'll have it mostly cleaned up by the time my wedding rolls around. I think unless there are tons of hurricanes this season and they make their way into the Gulf, that the oil probably won't make it over to Jamaica. Course, I could be completely wrong and it could be over there by the end of the year.
  7. your passport invitations are incredibly cute!! even though we are not inviting anyone with us on our actual wedding, I still want to do something that cute for my AHR just so people feel involved.
  8. FI and I are doing the exact same thing. As must as we want family there, it is just not in the budget. Good luck with your planning!!
  9. beckerz311

    2011 Bride

    Hey everyone!! My name is Beckie and I'm planning to get married on March 11, 2011. Our favorite band is 311...hence why it was picked. We're looking at, more than likely, getting married in Jamaica; however, last night I did find a few resorts that I liked in Bermuda...so nothing has been decided just yet. I came from the knot on suggestions to use this board...and I've already found it so helpful...even though I couldn't post. lol. I can't wait to use all the resources available on here and get to know people better!!
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