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  1. I was married on the beach June 3, the day wasn't so hot SO the sand felt great on my bare feet. Keep in mind that beach ceremonies tend to be shorter...I was on the beach less than 15 min for the ceremony. You might want sandals for the beach pics though
  2. Cabo is a very flexible wedding destination. All inclusive resorts usually don't charge bc the fees usually include the alcohol. I have found that most resorts in Cabo will "charge on consumption" which sometimes ends up being less expensive than an all inclusive. Good Luck
  3. Hi, Both places are yummy! Location might be a deciding factor, depending on where you are staying. Baja is right in the beach & Mi Casa is in town. I stayed at Pueblo Bonito and we walked to all the places on the beach BUT definitely needed a cab to go to Mi Casa. You can't go wrong with either one
  4. I went with the one in Cabo, the misson def has a got of great features at photo ops, but I am probably going to take most of my pics at the reception site
  5. I would also suggest overstock...I am surprised that a plain band would be so hard to find ebay is another option if the seller is willing to ship to ca...good luck
  6. purchased my tealights from amazon...candles2less was the supplier
  7. Chapa, the limes are so fun! i think using fruit in the centerpieces is very original
  8. someone posted bracelet corsages..it was really cute..i'll look for the thread
  9. I am taking freeze dried...i hope the make it! all i know is i will deny deny deny
  10. so i see that you are a pro DIY'er....your guests are going to be blown away. i love the different patterns for guys/girls.
  11. every time i come around your city bling bling..lol I always think of that song when i hear/see the would bling Good job, it will make for a great pic!
  12. these really look professional. everyone on this site out does themselves with DIY projects. Can't wait to see what else you come up with
  13. I love the shabby signs! they are good enough to sell :0...maybe you can set up your own etsy shop
  14. I don't know if you already picked or not , but I like 1 & 5 bc they are more modern and clean lined...good luck
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