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  1. I am with you for everything in your OOT bag except for the hair conditioner....hopefully no one will forget theirs and even without having to buy any, the resort will provide that in the room. Save that $$$ for something else. I didn't actually get married there...got home last Wednesday..we were married at Azul Sensatori and switched to EDR for the week 2 for our honeymoon. We saw a couple of weddings there and everything looked absolutely gorgeous! Quote: Originally Posted by TheWolferts Since we have our guest list finally narrowed down, we are starting to get the it
  2. Got back last Wednesday....we were at AS for 1 week with our families and friends for the wedding and 1 week at EDR for our Honeymoon...we could not have had a better time...Everything was amazing...everyone was crazy helpful..there were a couple of of little glitches....but now I am counting the days until we can go back.... We didn't have a private event...we did the dinner at Spoons...and it was perfect...food was delicious and even after all the awful cake horror stories..our cake was beautiful and so tasty! We used Caribe (didn't have the hugest budget) and although it freaked me out
  3. I've been MIA for a long time....but I'm getting married 2 weeks from today and am so excited I don't even know what to do...I have pretty much everything done...we will have 24 total with us...not doing a private event ..just the Spoons dinner. I pick my dress up on the 2nd and we fly down on the 8th. Will anyone be there the 8th through the 15th? 15th we move to EDR for a honeymoon week. Congratulations to all the new brides...this is the most stressful and fun time you will ever have..Good luck to all of you!!!
  4. I am actually getting married at Azul Sensatori and switching to EDR for Honeymoon week 2..so I kind of lurk on this thread. But...too funny...your dress is MY dress AND...your BM dress..is MY BM dress (except in Wisteria). So..jiust wanted to say I think you have AMAZING taste
  5. Hey Everyone Just found this thread..have been a little MIA from the website for awhile...I'm February 11, 2012 at Azul Sensatori in Riviera Maya. 93 more days!
  6. What day are you going down? I'm getting married Feb 11th...a week before you..I'm so excited to finally "meet" someone so close to mine.
  7. Are you sure Claudia is included on the preferred list? Last I checked she was preferred, but only at El Dorado....not Azul...I would LOVE to use her...do you have anything in writing that says that? Please let me know
  8. Hey Everyone... I have been MIA for the last few months..it's crazy how many new brides are on here...Welcome and congratulations to all of you I took the last few months off due to all kinds of craziness and stress over $$$...but am VERY happy to say that I am back full on wedding..and as of next week everything will be bought and paid for. We're doing extremely simple...nothing over the top...not even doing a private ceremony other than the Spoons Dinner...hoping for about 30 people total (a lot more were invited...but mostly out of obligation...there wasn't a chance of them coming..whi
  9. What do the postcards say? I love them and that seems so much simpler than a whole welcome booklet
  10. Thanx I lost 29.8 lbs total...but I also had the most to lose! (and still hoping to lose at least another 20 (hopefully 30) before next February.... So....if anyone wants in for another season..I am more than happy to host...and this time I (hopefully) will actually post more tips and recipes....just a lot of crap went down the last few weeks....I was fired (completely unfairly!!!!! and waiting to hear from a lawyer...but don't think there is really anything that can be done about it)...found out my house is infested with freaking mold...and have had insurance peeps and mold people in
  11. FINAL RESULTS I am using the initial weigh in and the last weigh in for each person (whether it was a few weeks ago or this week....) COMPETE Cassie (futuremissbk) -3.37% Teira (teira1031) +.32% Christina (CSandC2) -4.19% NON-COMPETE Renee (Oryx) +.25% Marla (msmarmar123) -13.36% Tisha (TLGnhci) -5.65% Charlene (Bryanandchar) -1.24% Brandy (Brandy) -5.15% Christine (sunstarmoon) -6.27% LeAnne (sapphire723) -6.14% Congratulations Christina (CSandC2)...You are the Biggest Loser for Season 11 And Congratulations to everyone who particiapted
  12. Reminder....please send final pics and weigh ins by tomorrow...... Good Luck!
  13. WEEKLY RESULTS COMPETE Cassie (futuremissbk) No Weigh In Teira (teira1031) +.63% Christina (CSandC2) No Weigh In NON-COMPETE Renee (Oryx) No Weigh In Marla (msmarmar123) -.61% Tisha (TLGnhci) -.34% Charlene (Bryanandchar) No Weigh In Brandy (Brandy) No Weigh In Christine (sunstarmoon) No Weigh In LeAnne (sapphire723) No Weigh In There is no Biggest Loser for Week 11.... One more week to go everyone...Good Luck in this Final Week
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