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  1. Go for it! if it's a tradition that you must keep your gown, or if it was really darn expensive and you want to resell, I say get a second dress! You CAN NOT be stressed or worried about such a carefree, fun photo shoot, so buy an inexpensive, or used dress, I know I wish I had for my second, third, or fourth gown (i obviously had issues!) It will be so wonderful, and fun, so my advice is to also get something that won't be so cumbersome when wearing it while wet, not sure what you currently have!
  2. welcome here and congrats!
  3. I went barefoot, but took sandals in case! These are cute new sandals from target that would be so cute for the bridal party, too!! Good luck in finding your selection! Women's Xhilaration Tamia Cork Jelly Sandals - Silver : Target
  4. I have a horrible Maggie Sottero knockoff that i bought from inweddingdress.com, so I do NOT recommend that site!! I mean, I wasn't expecting perfection by any means, but I really was disappointing with the ruching. The stitching wasn't even finished!! It had vertical stitching over the horizontal ruching to keep it in place, and it was so noticeable! ugh, just bad. It's just a $300 lump in my closet, but don't get discouraged. I've heard from a few ladies on here that they had good experiences, one of which I heard was lightinthebox.com.
  5. Congrats! You will NOT be disappointed of SMB, i assure you!! I got married there in November, and had an amazing time! It was just me and fi, so some of the details I can't really offer, but for sure the location, and the resort itself is top notch!! I'm happy for you, i want to go back so bad!
  6. Those came out awesome!! I loved the last shot outside, that was my fave, and that little tuxedo dress was sooooo cute!! Great job, and so proud of you for posting, you have nothing to be worried about, you look fantastic!!
  7. Those came out great, and i agree, i love your make up! I love the ones in the kitchen, that gives me so many ideas, i'm glad to see something different for bd pics!!
  8. so awesome!! I go to St. Augustine a lot, that's a great location for a ttd, and something different!! I'm glad you got great pics, good for you!
  9. Definitely go for Riviera Maya!! Being from Orlando, I also considered doing a dw perhaps in sarasota, or somewhere on the beach. After seeing how everything racked up, I could get a lot more for my money in Mexico!! I was very pleased with how everything came out, and I feel that there is so much to do in the area, and so many beautiful places for photos!!! I went to Secrets Maroma Beach, and highly recommend it to anyone!! Not to mention, everything is all inclusive, so you really don't have to worry about much, if you go to the Riviera Maya part of the forum, you'll find lots of info!! Best of luck!!
  10. You look so happy in it, go for it!! It's definitely unique, but YOU wear it well, and the dress is just so flattering, I especially love the lace at the top!! You're a gorgeous bride!!
  11. You will be fine I'm sure, you just have to really stick to a plan of strict diet and exercise!! The same exact thing happened before my wedding. I actually got my dress a size smaller, and even though the dress finally fit, I wasn't able to lose enough weight to look great, but it was because I was already over the months of dieting, and going into my "i'm going to just enjoy the few weeks before we go away, it's essentially my wedding..." trust me!! You'll feel better if you can motivate yourself, and try to explain to your other half that it's almost like trying to help someone quit smoking!! They have to be your support system, or it'll be that much more temptation, so I'm rooting for you to resist McD's!! I KNOW you can do it, and best of luck!!
  12. just incredible, I LOVED those pictures!!! I found it impossible to swim underwater in my dress, you guys look great doing it!! Where was that cenote? So gorgeous!! I think that's what going to this location is all about, the beach shots are beautiful, too!! Congrats to you both
  13. Those are just amazing!! You guys are as beautiful as your pictures!! Congrats!!
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by vdaybride Hmmm futureMrsMoulton.. maybe up on the forum at 3am discussing wedding travel is not so bad afterall.. haha.. you are a nut for this thread . I am sure we are not the only ones here that feel that we will sleep AFTER the wedding!! I'd love to say that I sleep after the wedding, but I don't, lol!!!! I still love this site, and talking to you girls is awesome!! Plus there are so many things like photos and reviews and things that you of COURSE just gotta post after the wedding But perhaps i do get a little more sleep, which is nice!!!
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