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    Hair and make-up artist??

    Hi everyone! I also had Norma from MAC Cancun. I LOVED her work!! She was fantastic. I wanted a natural look. Here is picture my friend took right before my wedding.
  2. Ivan is absolutely fantastic!! We fell in love with his pictures quickly as well. It didn't take us long to decide on him for our special day. I defintely recommend him to everyone!!
  3. Hi Tussey! I wanted to let you know that I wore the Martinez Valero Corrine high heels for my wedding. They were perfectly fine walking in the sand! You shouldn't have a problem at all wearing heels. My husband was right by my side when I walked through the sand throughout the evening!!
  4. HI! Has anyone used any of the hairstylists in the resort's spa?
  5. Beautiful pictures Dee! Congratulations! Where did you get your flowers? Love them!!
  6. Congratulations! I can't wait to read your review!!
  7. Buckeyegirl8

    Newly Engaged and beginning the planning!

    Congratulations and Good luck planning!
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  9. Buckeyegirl8

    Bdw vendor in love :) :) :) :)

    I just read the entire thread!! I want to hear what is happening now....I will add you on facebook! I am so happy for you!!
  10. Buckeyegirl8

    Newbie - and hard to choose Cancun resort!

    Congratulations and Happy Planning!!
  11. Thank you! Did you contact Jacy? Or someone else?
  12. Good luck bridej9 and sunshine!! Does anyone know if the resort has the same nightly entertainment on the same day every week?
  13. Buckeyegirl8

    Newbie Hello!

    Congratulations and Happy Planning!!
  14. Buckeyegirl8

    Newly Engaged and Planning For the DR

    Congratulations! Welcome and Good luck!