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  1. Haha well i like to do my best! Seriously I am having major doubts now. I know it's a bit late but I didn´t realise how many people I have to say goodbye to, until I started saying goodbye!!!!! Haven't even said goodbye to my mum and dad yet! That is gonna be a killer, I´m a wreck, I¨m filling up as I type!!! I´m just looking at it as an extended holiday in the uk now, and if i don´t like it i can come home to spain, it´s the only way i´m staying sane(ish). I feel like the worst parent in the world, taking Mia out of spanish school where she's happy and she has so much freedom
  2. Thanks Nic, seriously, snow? the kids will love it! I got hammered last night, didn´t get in til half 3 this morning, we leave tomorrow morning at 9am, i've got so much to do, but can't seem to stop shaking!
  3. Oh dear Char! You are so funny, I feel like I was in your flat with you! I think you're doing a cracking job, she is probably trying to push you into confrontation, so the more you smile sweetly on the outside and think BOLLOCKS on the inside, the more you will wind her up. I have learned the plus side of not slating OH's family, if they do something to wind me up, I say nothing and wait for OH to say it. If I go in first slagging them off, he feels obliged to defend them. Silence is golden. (up to a point, then shouting and swearing work better!) I do think it's really nice of y
  4. It's true Michelle, things got a lot easier after the wedding. They've got 100 times harder in the last 10 days since we got a date on our house. We had to pack up and get all our stuff shipped off with about 5 days notice. We leave on Sunday morning to come back to your cold cold country and OMG we cannot agree on anything at the moment!
  5. Don't worry, CHILLAX!!!!! They didn´t contact me until about 5 weeks before the wedding, they probably could have left it later and it wouldn´t have mattered, as nothing gets formalised until your meeting anyway. Maybe fire off an email to nancy and the spa just to remind them that you're alive, but don´t worry, they will be on top of everything. This is what they do!
  6. Nicy you´ve done amazing, well done.... i just checked that website out, if i can ever find the motivation i'm going to have a go myself. best of luck for tomorrow. michelle, "on the larger side"????? you make me laugh, good on you for taking the higher ground, and you too char, your mil's sound like fucking lunatics to me. well it´s official, we are on our way home. found a house (hopefully). one of my best friends is going to view it this week, and if it´s ok we've just gotta give em 6months rent up front, cos we've been here for so long we´ve got no references or credit r
  7. I had my face and hair and nails done at the Renova. She did a great job on all of them although i would say that the eye makeup was a bit on the heavy side..... i'm thinking tranny here. i would still recommend her though, cos after i wiped a bit off it still looked heaps better than could have done it. she put false eyelashes on for me too which i cannot do myself. they use MAC cosmetics, but it was kind of dark in the salon when she did me, so when i got out in the natural light i was a wee bit orange, but then i don´t really wear makeup most of the time anyway. These were minor things,
  8. defo worth having in that case! pop some in yer bra for the interview too!
  9. well they looked cracking in the picture you posted of when you tried your dress on!
  10. i like! how many bikini's am i likely to need in Sheffield??????????
  11. well i think i made it to midnight... apparently antony took me home, i got half my hair out and stripped off. ants says he came out of the bathroom, found me facedown naked on the bed.... thought whe-he-hey!!!!!! then i said "get me a bucket, i´m going to puke". classy.
  12. didn´t see this post yesterday, glad it got back to you safe and sound! thanks for lending it to me! haha you will def be steaming by the reception, i got married at 3 and was shitfaced by 6! but the adrenalin will keep you going! normally i´d have passed out wi a bucket at that level of drunken-ness! when i went to the renova spa at our side of the resort they had a cut out of your 'hair style in their wedding book,someone had already taken it! so they are used to doing that kind of thing....... definitely take it with you, but be prepared that it might end up a tiny bit more fo
  13. we got married at 3, it was roasting in the chapel, but fine outside.... but then again it was january and it was a cloudy raining day. what month are you getting married?
  14. Wowsers Char, everything is gorgeous, love the bm dresses and the flowergirl dress.. and the table runners.... and pretty much everything! And i think purple is an excellent choice.... yeah ok i had purple too!
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