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#11 jeobrien

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    Posted 07 June 2010 - 09:16 PM

    I was a maid of honor at a wedding Turks in 2008! Only 20 ppl went so we rented private beach front villas and she had dinner catered! she got married in a catholic church about 5 minutes away! it was amazing! The all inclusive resorts are very pricey so depends on what you are looking for?!
    I am hoping to get married in aruba....still researching:)

    #12 LisaRob

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      Posted 28 June 2010 - 10:17 AM

      Do yourself a favour and stay away from theweddingholiday.com. Not helpful, hidden fee's, will try to sway you where they want you to go. They take forever to get back to you and will tell you that they will put you on a TV show in more exotic locations and take care of some of the costs. Alot of BS with them.

      #13 thefuturemrslutz

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        Posted 28 June 2010 - 10:38 AM

        I ended up switching from DW.com. THe lady seemed helpful at first, but in the end, she seemed to be "guiding me" to resorts I had no interest in. Then she became very quick to respond to my emails and forgot everything we had discussed. I ended up switching to Wendy Hicks with Wright Travel (BDW TA as well). She has been SOSOSOSOSO fabulous! Seriously a lifesaver!

        #14 Steve&Julia

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          Posted 01 August 2010 - 09:10 AM

          Hi and congrats :)

          I just got married this past July 10 in Mexico Maya Riviera and let me tell you....

          the biggest stress has been Destination wedding, let me start with my travel person

          Brittany Scheiffer

          1, I had to on two different occassions tell her i found the room rates cheaper then my contract she hd givien me. it ws fixed but not with out me having to chase her.


          2. as we got closer to the wedding it was  harder and harder to get a hold of her and it was the same thing (oh i had a doctors appt. I have a half day I am at my lake house) I needed someone with more stable hours cause i couldn't get her my guest couldn't get her.


          3. GETS WORSE, 3 weeks before my wedding she "remembers to charge my credit card" over $900 for my honeymoon balance WITH OUT telling me or warning me or anything, I see this charge from a company i don't recognize and call my bank cancel my card do some research and find out its Brittany who said to charge it.

             a. my remaining balance was $300

             b. she told me it was her mistake and she would fix i in daysand I told her I needed all my money before the wedding i still had to pay the hotelfor everything plus hair and make up trial. again i say and stress this was 3 weeks before my wedding, I went to my wedding spent two weeks out there and came back and still the charge was not fixed.  i had to ask my bank to dispute it and credit me because she stopped answering all my emails.


          4. she was suppose to send all my guest via mail their travel vouchers that are $80 of the travel amount.  and she failed todo so so i had to call the hotel in mexico confirmall y guest, and call 44 people to confirm vochers.  one couple that left before I did had to pay $70 in cab fare to get to the hotel because they didn't have vouchers, at this point I was calling and emailig her every day asking

          where is my money and where are the vouchers please email them to me at this point and I'll email them to the guest but nothing just one word replies. Its not my fault its your guest fault they moved they gave me the wrong address.

            (this was crap because my husbands sister got hers but his mother who lives in the same house (she said had te wrong address)


          5.  the kicker for me, she sends one of my guest his voucher via email but forgets to read her emails and doesn't realized she was talking about me to her coworker calling me "a fustrating bride who drives her insane" this is what she said about me and sent it to my guest with his voucher. saying please send these out fast because i don't want to deal with her, this is what she saidto her coworker about me.


          6. finally once she had changed the prices of my new contract she owed me and my guest money, me over $1300 and she told me 'she would wait until it got closer to the wediding" so we can use our money in the weddng.  in april i started asking her please put in for our refund. WE HAVEN'T GOTTEN YET and we are entering august havent seen a dime.


          i think the company overall isn't bad but research who you get because I dealt with a horrible lady.


          hope i helped


          #15 Steve&Julia

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            Posted 01 August 2010 - 09:15 AM

            my honeymoon was at the el dorado great hotel very relaxing,

            be sure with enough time that dw's sends all your guest the vouchers, our guest had issues with this and had to pay out of pocket, I personally had a bad exerience with my destination wedding planner brittany and wouldn't recommend her to any bride, she spoke badly of me to a coworker of hers and then forwarde it to my guest.


            charged my card over $900 and failed to warn me of this charge PLUS she over charged me by $600 and never my money.  I have emails from corporate saying how sorry they are because of her wrong doing but can't do anything about it.


            If you have her I warn you a it gets closer she will let you down.  I thought she was great until 3 months before teh wedding.


            #16 Ayslinn

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              Posted 01 August 2010 - 10:12 AM

              congrats and good luck with the planning. let us know how it goes.

              #17 emmag87

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                Posted 02 August 2010 - 08:30 AM

                welcome to the forum! I hope you find all the info you need

                #18 TXDallas

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                  Posted 27 August 2010 - 02:04 PM

                  I attended a wedding last year in Jamaica organized by destinationweddings.com and would NOT recommend them to anyone!  I waiting for nearly an hour on the bus before departing for the resort.  Upon arrival to Jamaica my room was not there because of "mechanical problems."  They put me in a temporary room with mold in the bathroom.  It was disgusting!  I had traveled from Europe so I was exhausted and didn't care at this point.  My room was ready the next day "after 1pm," which coincidentally is around the check in time.  Then half way through my trip, the front desk threatened to throw me out because I hadn't paid.  Well, the problem was when I checked in they didn't take all the vouchers.  Needless to say I was not happy and asked for a supervisor.  The supervisor DEFENDED the employees actions.  After all was said and done I contacted destinationweddings.com and they were going to look into it.  This was in June 2009 and I have yet to hear a reply from them.  I'm engaged now and was reminded about this horrible experience, so I'm asking them for a reply today since I never received one.  Also, I was NOT the only one in the party who had this room problem.  I understand destinationweddings.com was not the hotel, however they are all associated since destinationweddings.com acts as an agent on behalf of the hotel. 



                  #19 JYD1

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                    Posted 01 September 2010 - 04:21 PM

                    I am using destination weddings.com myself and just out of curiousity - it is common to pay a large deposit to hold a group rate? I'm looking at $4k and that's just for 20 rooms!!! I'm a little overwhelmed and a little frustrated bc my TA fromt here never once mentioned about being charged a deposit to hold a certain number of rooms for that rate.


                    Any Advice?

                    #20 laurenvuitton

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                      Posted 01 September 2010 - 08:17 PM

                      Honestly... ive had a ton of problems and feel like I have to kiss ass to get things done!  Plus I feel like I have done most of the work myself.  Wish I found this forum before I went with dw.com.  Now 2 months away our agent is denying stuff that she told us re:upgrades.  Who is your agent?? Wishing you better luck than I have had!!

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