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  1. MARIDR: I honestly don't know how 60 people would be able to fit at the gazebo, it isn't that much space for chairs?? I had 77 people and no way everyone could of fit. I luckily never had to deal with the Miami office. I dealt with Theresa and then when they let her go I dealt directly with Miguelina! She was very responsive on any questions I had. I absolutely had so worries on my wedding day! I do not think you need to hire Theresa at all, I promise they will take care of everything for you! Yes RSE did everything for us. They actually surprised us with the fireworks on our first dance and they even extended our reception about an hr because we got started late. They were so much fun and full of energy, you have absolutely NOTHING to worry about with them. We sent them a list that they could use and they used our list and added other songs. They were AWESOME!! I highly recommend RSE as a DJ!!!
  2. Hey ladies!! Sorry I have been MIA for a little while but things have been absolutely insane starting about a month before the wedding (My fiances' dad passed away suddenly), then we left and eloped in Vegas the weekend before we left for the DR! We then flew out to the DR and had the best wedding anyone could even image!! I want to start out by saying Miguelina was amazing! She made sure everything was perfect and I honestly felt zero stress with putting everything in her hands. We used RSE as our DJ and they did an AMAZING JOB!! We actually were officially booked with DJ Mannia but after hearing lots of complaints we switched over and honestly I was soooo happy with them! We used HDC for our photographer and videographer and we could tell how passionate they were about their work. Milan did such an amazing job and we LOVE everything they did. The resort is amazing and absolutely GORGEOUS but do be prepared to do a lot of walking. The resort is VERY big and VERY spread out but we didn't mind it one bit and would do it all over again. I will tell you it was SOOOOO HOT but it was August 11, 2012 when we did get married so what can you expect! I am going to include some pictures from our wedding. If you have any questions or concerns about this resort you can email me at mrsdeemyers@gmail.com or if you want to see more pictures!
  3. I am planning on putting it in the mail today to send to Allie Thanks again!!
  4. Hey ladies, I just got back from my wedding! It was amazing!!! Anyway, I have the starfish, who am I suppose to pass it to next??
  5. Thanks I love them also!! They are still for sell if you are interested
  6. Thanks Allie, it's been a rough 2 weeks and the wedding def won't be the same..
  7. Hey ladies, sorry I have been a little MIA from this thread. My fiance' father passed away suddenly last week so we have been trying to just get through the days. I am def game to pitch in some money to continue the starfish on. I see you already ordered one, did you need me to send some money your way? I am excited we are getting to continue the tradition but I think it is wrong that canadianbride never sent it to the next bride.
  8. I absolutely LOVE these shoes and wish they were the right color bright blue that I was looking for but unfortunately they aren't. My fiance is making me sell these shoes because I had to buy a different pair for the wedding so I am trying to get a little of my money back for these shoes. Let me know if you are interested I have other photos of the shoes, I don't know why they didn't post but I will post when I get home today.
  9. I bought these shoes thinking they would be turquoise but sadly they are a greenish color I absolutely LOVE these shoes and if they were the right color it would of been perfect for the wedding.
  10. I just sent you an email to see if the dresses are still available
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