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Originally Posted by michelle2011 View Post

So glad your friends and family are all ok. x


Ha ha yes i did scarlett's hair myself :o)


I haven't been that great. I have a good week then a bad week. I REALLY need to sort it out though. I haven't been eating loads but i have been snacking!!!! Bad move!! I will WILL try hard this week ha ha..


Well done you!


Yes we are under 3months now and everyone has just finished paying their holidays off and letting us know so makes it even more REAL now too ;o) FI said this morning i'm really getting excited now!! Excited now i said! Are you mental where have you been for the last two yr's while I'VE been excited ha ha ha ... men ah? x

woohooooo 9 weeks on friday until we go :)

we are all paid up now too


Originally Posted by herbie76 View Post

We are very lucky as far as luggage allowance goes, flying with Thomsons we get 23kg luggage allowance, 7kg Hand luggage because we are staying in a Premium hotel and an extra 7kg hand luggage for wedding attire. I'm going to get a box for both my dress and the bridesmaids dresses so that I know they are with me and that they dont get lost.


I have discussing hen nights with my chief bridesmaid this weekend. We are going up to London for the day/night. We are looking at doing Cocktail masterclass in the day then off to Carwash for the evening it was that or Partyboat. Still not 100% sure yet what do you think? I think the carwash 70's night will be a good giggle as fancy dress is compulsary.

Char everything sounds like its going great, everytime i go somewhere and see butterflies i think of you. woot.gif

herbie, that sounds fab! we're allgoing to leeds for my hen do and out on the night time dressed as sailors!

 roo, i hope your mums ok.sorry i can't help with the medical knowledge part x




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roo, sorry i dont know anything either medical :-( I really feel for you all though, having to go through this and at a time like this you'd think the NHS would have more of a clue and be more of a help and support... the stories in the papers the last few weeks are true then, the care for patients and family is appaling!!
Were all here for you to vent to chick and i really hope you  mum gets some answers soon....
Ypu can always book another hol for her when she is ok and well enough to fly :-) xx


Awww, herbie, hope your dad is ok? xx

Michelle, id be the same as you, i want my dress with me, id be worried sick for 11 hours otherwise, but it is your BM after all and by the sounds of it on FB and other messages she is a trust worthy person and it will be fine, have you mentioned it to her? As she wont be able to carry anything else.... I phoned the airline the other week to see if i could carry a dress box and a wee bag, and was told no!!! Its Premium seats or premium hotel... as we havent got premium seats but have booked at a primium hotel? Is yours?

I can just see the bridezilla moment in the airport!!!! :-) xx

Hope your WC dosent take that long to get back to, its so frustrating... mine should be intouch as soon as because we fly out 8 weeks on sunday!!! ARGH.... sorry had to sneak that in....
Im nervous now as i havent had the call about my dress being in yet either....
My sis is coming up with my mum to my dress fitting when it eventually comes in and she does hairdressing so she will do a few styles for me to take pics of, amd she will put some colour for me :-)


Oooo  Lyndsey, we get married 9 weeks on fri.... !!!! ARGH!!!! Im SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) xxxx

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Hi girls just an update on my poor mum she had two heart attacks this morning and her diffibulator kicked in.The first one happened after i called her as i woke up. She said she felt much better.They had given her a chest xray last night more meds and a commode and shed been out of bed allnight peeing. The nursing staff said they thought she was having a seizure cos she screamed out my dads name and asked him what he was doing.The second one she knew nothing about.They have now transfered her to the coronary ward and they will now liase with the medical team.Im flying out tomorrow night it was the earliest flight i could get after trying to get friday off of work.On that note lets just say when i was told no it wasnt possible!!!!!!!!!! as we were short staffed at the weekend, and i couldnt go i drove into work tonight with this thought,When this is all sorted our house is going on the market im downsizing so i never ever will find myself having to work for such an arse again.Thank god the other partner was like WTF are you doing here and arranged cover all the while the other one sat upstairs whilst i tried to run his restuarant.Half an hour later he came down and said are you ok hun and gaave me a hug.Half listened to what had happened and then said sorry i gotta go,The other one was on the net trying to find a flight.

Lets just say my house will be sold im downsizing to a sensible mortgage payment.So i dont have to work 48/50 hours and never ever feel like i cant say poke it where the sun dont shine.

In his defence he said text me your flight times coming back and ill get someone to come in on sat so you dont have to come in and do the cleaning at 10.00.Even if i have to do it myself.(knob,thanks a million) you can come in at 12

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sorry i should of said thanks Herbie thats the worry about the gallbladder it dosent mean she wont get sick again.It dawned on me yesterday how sick my mum is and what a tough cookie she is.I do worry that this is going to be a pattern repeated over and over.We all thought she would be well after the hole in the heart closure but the damage has been done.On the fluid she is carrying she now has a catheter!!!!!!!!!!! basic nursing id say and they weighed her shes put on a stone and a half in a week !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all fluid that shouldnt of been there at all .I hope you dad is well and they say Gallstone pain is the worst pain in the world ,worse than giving birth.Pancreatitus is often fatal were both very lucky xxxx

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Roo I am so sorry that this is happening to your mum, she sounds like a real tough cookie. I hope you get all the answers that you need once you get over there. Sending you lots of healthy positive thoughts. (((hugs))) As far as work goes I think you done well to keep your cool! I hope you manage to sell your house and be happy. All my dads health problems started with a heart attack when I was pregnant with my son 11yrs ago, then every march (near my birthday) he would end up in hospital either heart problems or pancreatitis, so I gave up celebrating. Last year was the first year that he never went in march but my mum did instead with heart attack! Bloody parents pains lol. So whenever it gets to this month I worry about them both. On a brighter note I will definatley take photos of our hair trials and post them after. I was saying to my mum that I might have to go back to hers and try on my dress to see if the whole look goes right. Any excuse really just to try on the dress again. :-)

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Nicy - i dont know. Our hotel is a 5* deluxe and although they are on a Thomson flight we didn't book through them we booked with CW. So would that still count? I think i'm just gonna try and get it weighed some how once its in the box to have more of an idea...x


Roo - I'm so sorry your mum is going through all this. Sending you big hugs and lots of love. Really hope your mum gets better soon! Your feel better being by her side and sorting that silly hospital out!! Good luck hun and keep us posted xxxxx


Herbie - any excuse to try it on ;o) x

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Roo- So sorry hear about your mum sending my love and hugs and hope you sort the hospital out. xxx


Can't believe some of you only have 9 - 12 weeeks before you get married and become Mrs!!!!!!!

I've got 28 weeks!!! Wish it would hurry up....


Nicy - I am sure your dress will be in soon. Have you rung the shop to get them to chase it up for you???? x


I'm with you girls any excuse to try the dress on again LOL x

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Hi girls.....always so much to catch up on....


Roo am so sorry to hear about your mum, how frustrating for you as well, hopefully you will get the answers when you get there.....good luck chick, sending you lots of love xx  Just think how great the day will be when you can tell your job so shove it up their a**!!


On the hand luggage thing.....we are flying with Thomson & have a letter from First Choice saying 'In addition to the normal hand luggage of 5kg we allow wedding couples an additional 5kg for wedding attire, this needs to be placed in a suitable case/box complying with our size requirements' ......... I am taking this letter with me & will be whipping it out in my bridezilla moment....lol.....for all of you flying with Thomson I would presume this is the same for you girls.


9 Weeks Lyndsey....OMG....we are 12 weeks, so scary....am really excited but getting really nervous as well!!


Are you girls taking dollars with you are pesos?

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