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  1. Welcome to all the newbies.We are almost about to celebrate our first anniversary but before that we move tomorrow AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I loved every moment of our planning i loved all the exras we bought and yes they did add to the weight in the luggage but i couldnt of not done everything.Has anyone ordered tears of joy from Chelymo they were one of my most used items along with the pashminas paper parasols jelly bean cones t- shirts and props for photos.hehehe I dont know what to get Paul for our first anniversary we are movng tomoz and the sale of ouR purchase has not gone through yet sooo we are moving into the INLAWS spare room with the boys spread around the county.We were very lucky to sell our home within the three weeks to a couple in rented so rather than risk loosing the sale were homeless as of tomoz.I cant wait no mortgage for a while. Any ideas on an anniversary gift im working on our anniversary its the Faversham hop festival and ill be working 15 hrs that day.I would like to go away for the night but thats not going to happen. Anyway its been a while since ive been on here i hope my weddi8ing piccies are an inspiration to some of you. We all made the right decision to be married in a sunny relaxed climate xxx
  2. Hi girls just catching up from Zante its good to be back here after our wedding in September we are going to hire a car and go up to Peligoni one day to reminse and do lunch Nicy you looked gorg in all your wedding pics Stephen should win any how high can the groom jump competion did he have springs in his flip flops? You deffo picked the best dress hunni Lindey you looked fabulous as well loved your dress and hair Glad Michelle took off this morning news has reached us here about the ash cloud just keeping my fingers crossed for all the other uk brides needing to get on planes in the next few daays My mum didnt make it with us here shes staying in our home with my dad.Shes catching up with friends and having an eventful time by the sounds of it she cut her finger on sunday cooking lunch my dad running around trying to find plasters then yesterday they went to Hastings.She was playing the slots run out of change went outside to get some more and tripped down a step and landed on her nose.A men went to her rescue tried to get her up and said no stay there you dont look to good!!!!!!!!!!! a lady came over and asked if she was on her own the lady went inside and my poor dad came running out thinking shed had a heart attack.She has blacked her eyes and skinned her nose.She is taking Ryan to the hospital for a check up on his ankle in an hour or so so ive told her to ask the girls if its broken or not fingers crossed.So much for her coming over to cheer herself up whilst still waiting for the gallbladder op.That said if thats the worst that happens ill be relieved xx going back in the sun now ))))) Just had a text from the boys they drove to Lagana last night slept in the car and are recovering on the beach PHEW X
  3. Welcome back mrs Creely,cant wait to see the piccies im sure you wont keep us long;) Im glad everything turned out as you had hoped and dreamt of you deserved a happy wedding day xxx Michelle 8 days oh my gosh ill be away in Zante when you set off but i will be thinking off you on your wedding day.You have worked so hard to create a special day i hope the inlaws behave although im sure if they got the mexican trots you certanly wouldnt miss them from your piccies not sure that Dan would be happy though. We have had an eventful day here today firstly tonight i got all my hair cut off ive gone very short i grew it for our wedding but never really loved ho it looked i had extensions on our wedding day cos it hadnt grown that much.I wore Paul down in the end ho was very anti me going for the chop.Pauls mum has seen it and said she likes it and Eddie Pauls dad had said to Chris about my hair it made me look old.I wish hed said somink to me before lol. Whilst getting it cut a huge and i mean huge bang went off the army have difused an unexploded bomb all the neighbours were in the street. Just before all that i came home and Josh said mum bills (joshs friend) house is on fire we drove up and somink has happened to the aga his mum had left somink on or by it and its caught fire.His stepdad broke down when i went in and hugged him stunned and frightening is the best way to discribe it.A neighbour managed to get the dogs out but the whole of the downstairs is damaged by smoke or burnt. Then i find out Ryan my eldest has fallen off his bmx bike has been to hospital with what they think is a broken ankle they have looked at the xray and are shocked there is no break.They are getting a radiologist to check the images and will give him a call All in all an eventful day oh and i forgot our house is now on the market with Ward and Partners and on rightmove so hopefully we will be on the move very soon.We found a house today as well. phew eventful to say the least lol
  4. Michelle that was quick lol and very classy i must say youve done a fab job id of picked it all xxx Now just take the time to chill,keep away from the old witch, you are going to have the time of your lives. Enjoy, im sure ill be back to send you off with good wedding wishes and like everyone else i loovvvvveee the shoes.Every girl should wear hot pink shoes on there wedding day ; ))) biased !!! just a little xx
  5. Welcome to all the newbies you found the right place to make happy wedding planning. Michelle whens the planning thread making an appearance? My mum has not got the go ahead for her op so instead of coming to Zante my dad and her are flying here next thursday on there original booking and staying the week here.If she gets sick here im certain she will get better care than she has had in ireland.The boys have taken there place so it will be a different holiday for us but we need a break.Mums birthday is next saturday so we will do a party for her and sams is two days after so next weekend will be fun we fly out the early hours of sunday so next week will be busy.Oh and we put our house on the market so trying to keep it like a show house On facebook Nicys mum posted to say shes home how quickly has that gone cant wait for her to come back though to see all the piccies Have a good day girlies keep the MIL from hell at arms length xxx
  6. We had parasols we used them as props for wedding pictures everyone wanted to have there piccie taken with them.
  7. Nooooooooooooooooooo i hope i havnt missed you going Nicy. Have a stress free sunshine filled dream wedding lotsa love and best wishes Maria xx I had a fabulous royal wedding day was very emotional from the moment i saw Wills and Harry and i loved the simplicity of kates hair assessories and the lace on her dress.(a little biased hahaha as i had lace) Michelle i hope your hen do went well sewwtie xx To the newbies welcome and happy wedding planning xx
  8. Charmaine what very sad tragic news for you your parents and dear brother and girlfriend.She will get the care and support whilst at the hospital the midwifes will be upset aswell (ive worked in maternity) nothing anyone can say will take the pain away.I hope it all happens quickly bless her xxxxxxxx Nicy a bloody week girl yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa get that planning thread up now!!!!!!!!!!! hehehehe Michelle bad news with the computer make sure you do somink i didnt do keep one of everything i have nothing although my mum has two pashminas lol i found them while looking for her pjs when she was in hospital Flying visit, work awaits catch up proberly soon Happy happy stress free shopping and planning girls xxx
  9. Oh my gosh girls you have all been so busy.Me ive just done 70 hours before havng the next two days off still in bed recovering BUT posting on here then moving hahaha Nicy ........... stop the stressng woman breath relax and the song choices will flow. If you remember we spent ages going backwards and forwards in the end we thought outta the box and it became a family session.There were disney tunes Frank Sinatra Micheal buble MJ OHHH i loved our wedding music.It will come its hard to agree but you will. To be honest the hardest bit was then getting Paul to download them and back it up just in case.It took two goes cos he had them in the wtong order How exciting to have booked your makeup appointment you will look fabulous. Be sure girls to only wear strapless tops bikinis etc till the wedding is over.You will have strap marks but if you plan your outfits so as not to get caught out you will be surprized how quickly your shoulders catch it even walking to breakfast. Nicy your dress is stunning Michelle im glad you are feeling a little better i have Ibs keep a food diary my problem is cheese and yougurt i was eating lots of yougurts.Try cutting it out completly the tummy will go down.Try ringing the appointment girls at the hosptail i know we would of tried to help someone out getting married,tell them its mexico etc . Tell them your jetting off and you can take a cancellation or a very short notice appointment fingers crossed xxxxx Of course you may get an old witch BUT ringing every morning in the hope is an option xxx Has anyone been watching the new tv show about the weddings in Greece ive loved everyone wish we could of been in the show lol
  10. Hi Michelle, i hope your on the mend today im just wondering if you have been taking lots of medication it could of upset your tummy a bit.My ibs symptoms cause spasms which i would describe as labour pains that can make me squirm but also shout.If ive overdone the dairy it can just be a sicky feeling.I wonder if your tummy is suffering from too mny painkillers in the last few weeks.Try laying off of the crap food and maybe dairy too to give your digestive tract a rest.I have been into a and e in AGONY and have alwys been told ibs symptoms.Whenever the press my tummy they say its fine. I hope your feeling better today xxxx
  11. Hi girls just in from work and have flicked through the last few pages of posts.I just wanted to say Michelle take yourself off to A@E tomoz morning before all the football injuries arrive.Not wanting to frighten you but the antibiotics should of worked after 48 hours if they havnt then i think you should be getting an ultrasound.You may have a cyst on your ovary which is being a bugger at the mo im sure they come and go but i would certanly not leave it till monday.Worst case scenario you sit in the department waiting to be seen but the hospital i worked in will always scan ladies with lower abdo pain just incase of eptopic pregnancy etc not saying thats what i think is happening, what im saying is you need to get properly sorted.Its always dangerous to presume that one pain i.e your sore back and pain in your leg is related to the tummy pain.Either way you should be feeling better and if you go tomoz then even if they send you away they should get you on the pathway to an ultrasound xxxx
  12. Girls im happy to take sensible offers
  13. I cant wait to tell him to shove it up his arse.He spent allday trying to sort out a tribunal that didnt go in his favour so pleased his man management skills came under fire.lol I will deffo look for somink else and sell our home so i can do less hours I rang the hospital this morning and she had a bad night the nurse said she recieved four wacks from the diffibulator during the night and they called a meeting with my brother and dad.My brother is happy with her care now and said mum is terrified which probably isn helping shes gone for a ct and the op still wont be done but it will be done at the dublin hospital where she had her heart surgery. Hes going to ask if i can visit tonite when i get there fingers crossed xx
  14. sorry i should of said thanks Herbie thats the worry about the gallbladder it dosent mean she wont get sick again.It dawned on me yesterday how sick my mum is and what a tough cookie she is.I do worry that this is going to be a pattern repeated over and over.We all thought she would be well after the hole in the heart closure but the damage has been done.On the fluid she is carrying she now has a catheter!!!!!!!!!!! basic nursing id say and they weighed her shes put on a stone and a half in a week !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all fluid that shouldnt of been there at all .I hope you dad is well and they say Gallstone pain is the worst pain in the world ,worse than giving birth.Pancreatitus is often fatal were both very lucky xxxx
  15. Hi girls just an update on my poor mum she had two heart attacks this morning and her diffibulator kicked in.The first one happened after i called her as i woke up. She said she felt much better.They had given her a chest xray last night more meds and a commode and shed been out of bed allnight peeing. The nursing staff said they thought she was having a seizure cos she screamed out my dads name and asked him what he was doing.The second one she knew nothing about.They have now transfered her to the coronary ward and they will now liase with the medical team.Im flying out tomorrow night it was the earliest flight i could get after trying to get friday off of work.On that note lets just say when i was told no it wasnt possible!!!!!!!!!! as we were short staffed at the weekend, and i couldnt go i drove into work tonight with this thought,When this is all sorted our house is going on the market im downsizing so i never ever will find myself having to work for such an arse again.Thank god the other partner was like WTF are you doing here and arranged cover all the while the other one sat upstairs whilst i tried to run his restuarant.Half an hour later he came down and said are you ok hun and gaave me a hug.Half listened to what had happened and then said sorry i gotta go,The other one was on the net trying to find a flight. Lets just say my house will be sold im downsizing to a sensible mortgage payment.So i dont have to work 48/50 hours and never ever feel like i cant say poke it where the sun dont shine. In his defence he said text me your flight times coming back and ill get someone to come in on sat so you dont have to come in and do the cleaning at 10.00.Even if i have to do it myself.(knob,thanks a million) you can come in at 12
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