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  1. Hello girls, god haven't been on in a while again....So so busy running two jobs now what with my 'real' one and 'poppy's paintpot' on facebook. Just rushed off my feet... I really miss being a bride. I look at my wedding photos and it just doesn't seem real now! i can't believe all the planning is over for me (... i am so JEL of you girls.. you are gonna have such a great time!! Sam your time is coming round so fast.. so exciting!!!! Wish i could do it all again..... at the moment i'd settle for the holiday ha ha.. so need some sun )...... Hope you are all well, lots of love xxx
  2. Morning girls, glad everything is going well for you all, all the weddings coming together. Herbie glad your AHR went well (love your post box and guest book).. Sam hope your hen went well, any pix?? I've not been up to much....work work and more work!!! Very boring. Been married 3 months now, craving another holiday! Nicy you are so lucky. Wish we could afford another long haul but can't see that happening for a while...( I have done NO exercise since mexico and piling on the lb's... so i've ordered myself a cross trainer!! lol.... yes it will probably sit in my bedroom gathering dust but its the thought that counts right hee hee ;o) Scarlett starts primary school next week so will have a bit more time to myself so the plan is to think a bit more about ME!!! lol... We are off to Suffork on Saturday my sister has booked me and hubby a night away and she is having the kids for us. Looking forward to a quiet weekend )
  3. I'm sure you could get your group booked into one of the al a cartes instead. Ask your WC and see what she says..... Other than that it would be the beach but that will cost you!
  4. Hi girls, WOW its been a while since i've been on, glad to see all your planning coming along nicely. It goes so fast so really enjoy that part. I still wish i was back in Mexico ;o( sooooo need a holiday. Been so busy the last few weeks!! Question about the marriage cert. We had to pay $55 for the apostile stamp. We bought home the legal cert from Mexico that is in spanish they then sent our legal one for over here with the apostile stamp on it in 2 months and we paid £50 for it to be translated into English. I did hear it took up to 6 mths but ours arrived in 2mths so not to bad! We were told the same about money but honestly dollars or pesos are fine! We were worried we couldn't use $ but EVERYTHING at our hotel was charged in $'s. We could settle at the reception using either so it will be fine. We took a mixture of both in the end but could have just took $'s really as paid for most with them ) Hope everyone is well... not long now for some of you ) so exciting xxx
  5. Good luck hun, you will be in the air now! Can't wait to hear all about it when your back. I hope you have a magical wedding and holiday. Enjoy MRS!!!!! Sam i LOVE your shoes, they are lush! We said we weren't getting pressies for each other but have a weekend away when we got home as money was tight but on the wedding morning hubby left me a swarvoski necklace in our room bless him ) x
  6. OMG not long for you now !! so exciting! We got the mums a starfish necklace each and then i got my mum the 'beautiful mum journal'. Didn't get my dad a present as he didn't come. Best man we got an engraved glass and hugo boss cufflinks as well as his 'bestman' cufflinks then the bridesmaids i gave starfish earrings for the day and then got them swarvoski earrings to match mine for the reception at home. Harrison we got Ted baker cufflinks and Scarlett a hello kitt bag and jewellery! x
  7. Hi Mellisa We got married at the Barcelo Maya Palace 1st June this year. Here is a list of the wedding package prices this year to give you an idea of their pricing. http://www.weddingmexico.com/riviera-maya-weddings/hotel_wedding_packages/barcelo_maya_palace_deluxe.asp
  8. Aww i know so cute, he was all jittery in the morning like a 'father of the bride' and he cried through the whole ceremony! Such an emotional little sole! x
  9. Arrr i feel choked for you!! Can't believe your time is here. Lovely, lovely thread and what a fairytale storey!!!!!! So cute! Love it all, can't wait to hear all about it when your back and i will most definately be raising a toast to you on the 2nd!! Good luck chick xx
  10. Oh no what a nightmare, hope you get it sorted hun! glad you like the lettering have so many ideas just need to put them into practice now ) Charmaine recommened the beautiful mum journal. It was a fab find, i got one for my mum and she cried her eyes out. She loved it and her words were 'i will read this over and over again until it falls apart' ha ha bless her. She put it in the box, took it out, wrapped it up put it back, took it out etc.. it was such a lovely present. Thanks Charmaine... http://www.ohsocherished.co.uk/product/2267/296/my_beautiful_mum_journal Your hen sounds fun, can't wait to see some pic's )... Hope you are all well ladies x
  11. BDW must have removed my post! Maybe i was breaking the rules? I have no idea. I will facebook you girls instead.. )
  12. Aww Bonnie you look lovely, can't wait to see more pic's and hear more storeys!! Congrats MRS!!!! x
  13. Aww thank you so much for your kind words i will upload a picture my sister took of the back of my hair for you. I did my daughters myself which was just a canroll front and then clipped up at the back, her hair is curly so i didn't need to do much to it. I will see if i can find a better picture for you to look at....
  14. Wow i havent been on in a while and you are right it is SO quiet on here. Hope you are all well and ok, married ladies and brides to be!!! Still have holiday blues, still longing for another holiday but have been so busy with work etc and i'm also finally putting my creative side to work. After years of my mum, and now husband hee hee going on at me i am going to make and sell home made signs etc... I have a few orders already so hoping it takes off and i can start my holiday fund ha ha... I will attach a pic for you. They are wooden letters, primed and hand painted by myself. Can do any name, any colour. I will also be doing home signs...... home, love, cake, bake etc for the kitchen walls. The big letters likes Scarlett's name are £4 a letter and I can do a smaller letter for £3 a letter. Could also do wedding words for you brides ha ha.. Hubby has also suggested boys football teams in their colours for the young lads rooms.... I have so many ideas so watch this space. If you know anyone that is or will be interested please let me know by private message (as will go direct to my email). I am making a friends naming day sign and also a 'baby' one for one of my mates neighbours who is having a baby! So perfect presents too. They can be easily stuck to any wall or door with sticky tabs or i have used white tack as doesnt mark the walls and can move around the room as i wish with no holes, drills or nails required.....
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