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  1. Hi Sarah I got married at Sensatori last August, brilliant choice. We booked a 18mths in advance through Thomsons and got a small discount, make sure you ask for one as you are spending alot of money. We had 23 of us go aged 3-72 and everyone loved it! We had booked to have a beach wedding with the gold package but changed our mind to the pearl package and added the extras that we reallywanted this worked out cheaper for us. When we got there we then changed our minds and had a rooftop wedding mainly for the privacy as expect lots of spectators when marrying on the beach. They do charge for guests who are not staying on the resort. http://www.weddingsbylomastravel.com/planning/ Have a look at the above website as that is who they book things through. Are you on facebook? If so your more than welcome to look at my photos - Michelle Herbert. Any questions dont hesitate to ask x
  2. My bridesmaids walked down to Take That 'greatest day' and I walked down to Bruno Mars 'Just the way you are'. We had Norah Jones while we did the sand ceremony and signed the certificates, we walked back up the aisle to Bill withers 'lovely day'
  3. Jenna We got married at 3pm on august 2nd and it was 40Degrees then so it was very hot but there was a nice breeze up on the roof and on the beach. But every day is different as some days there was no breeze so the heat was intense. Sorry can't really help much.
  4. I didn't wear a veil, I chose not to because I didnt want to feel any hotter than already would and the wind can be very blowy. I didn't see many nurses with veils when I was there, but it is personal choice. Happy planning x
  5. Jenna and Sam they used mac makeup in the spa which was lovely. They used this special mac spray which she put on after each piece of makeup was applied to hold it because of the heat so I would recommend getting that as my makeup stayed for the whole day.
  6. Hi don't stress about the wc they don't rush in responding they can take a week or longer to reply sometimes. If they have not replied in another week go to your TA and check email adress as offsite wc change alot. My advice to you is only book essentials with offsite wc and leave the rest till you get out there. Are you on Facebook? If so add me Michelle Herbert and there is a group set up for BDW brides and brides to be on there now x
  7. You will love it there, I got married there on 2nd august it was amazing both the holiday and the wedding. Any questions just ask.
  8. Sam don't let this stress you out. My hair trial at home was a disaster aswell, I decided to cancel my hair and make-up trial out in mexico as I didn't want to stress out there, so I just went in on the day and I was on such a high I could have looked like a clown and it wouldn't have mattered. I knew I wanted it up i looked through the books and picked the style i wanted and it was perfect and so was my makeup. As far as men outfits i din't have my waistcoats untill the week before we went as the tailors messed up three times i ended up going debenhams and BHS. Don't stress x
  9. Hi Jenna yes I'm on Facebook look for Michelle Herbert then you can see my wedding photos. It was great there and I was so in holiday mode relaxed that I enjoyed the day so much because I wasn't stressing. Started my w day with champagne breakfast with my bridesmaids then went to the spa with my mum and had pedicure, hair & make up done (nails were done day before), my bridesmaids joined me and used the bridal suite in the spa to do their hair & makeup which was nice oh and we had more champagne!! The girls done their own hair and it looked lovely. We went back to mine had room service and more champagne and got ready. My husband was given a room to get ready in and had 4 bottles of spirits in it so he had all the men round for a drink before the wedding which was nice. My wedding was at 3pm which was perfect (even though I was still 25mins late lol). I used Carbie photography which I was very happy with they did 2:30-5 then 6-8:30. We changed from beach wedding to a rooftop wedding as it was more private. After the wedding we had photos on the rooftop then more photos on the beach then some more around the resort while our guests went and had a drink outside the Mexican. We didn't have a cocktail hour and am glad really I didn't as everyone was happy shut to go and get drinks outside the Mexican. We then had a private event at Zavaz plaza 6-10pm it was lovely we had the Family Style menu there was so much food and it was amazing. We used DJ Doremixx who was great. I took balloons with lights in but not lights, to hire their lights was very expensive $50 per post, believe me it's not worth it. There are lights around the area and if your having a Dj he has lights so I wouldn't worry about them. I used my bridesmaid bouquets as my centrepieces and just took pink waterbeds for the vases I sorted vases out when I got there and wasn't charged for them or for my set up. I took scatter crytals and bubbles for the tables and brought maracas in cancun for favours. I would recommend that you only book the essentials through the offside wc as they will charge for everything and the onsite wc don't. After the party had finished we all went to the mojito bar and carried on. Believe me your time will come round so fast I booked mine 18mths in advance and that time flew by. My advice is don't stress as they really do do a great job out there and your guests will love it none of mine wanted to come home. The resort, food, staff, kids clubs are all amazing and the cocktails are even better. We took 4 big suitcases (1each for us 1for kids 1 for wedding stuff) I took my dress as hand luggage in a travel box along with my handbag, if you booked with thomsons you will get an extra 5kg each for bride & groom for wedding attire. Do you know sensatori is also on Facebook? Happy planning, any more questions just ask
  10. Hi girlies omg I am so missing planning the wedding, I've been married nearly 6 weeks now! Jennaba3 I got married at sensatori, the hotel is amazing and the staff are fantastic, any questions just ask. :-) My little girl Hollie cried going into playschool this week when I asked her why she was crying she answered 'Cos i want to go back to mexico' she lives and misses it so much as do all of 22 guests! Happy planning!!
  11. No I just ordered a copy of birth certificates and that was fine.
  12. Hi we took copies of our birth certificates, passports and tourist card we didn't get anything translated and didn't need to, don't stress! My only advice is to set your alarm if leaving early. We had to leave at 5am, went to bed at 2am after finishing packing everything for the millionth time. I forgot to set my alarm, Jay set his (but was week days only alarm, new phone) I randomly woke up at 4:55 jumped out of bed like arrrhhh shit!! Quickly woke everyone up, Hollie was upset by being woke up, got herself in a state and threw up just as the minubus pulled up. One mad rush onto the minibus and luckily all I forgot was my straightners. It was like the home alone moment!!
  13. Hi what time are you having it? While I was there I saw them set up a few events there and there are sunbeds right next to it and they won't move people so it won't be totally private. I got married at 3pm on the roof, we then had photos on the roof and beach then went and our guests went and had drinks outside the Mexican restaurant while we had more photos done around the resort then we joined them before going to our reception at 6pm at Zavaz Plaza there was 23 of us and this worked well (and didn't cost any extra) hope this helps.
  14. Hi Sam yes I used them, youll be surprised how easily it goes in once you turn your dress inside out. Don't stress x
  15. Hi Sam Hope you had a great hen weekend? Don't stress about your dress fitting it will be fine, I turned mine inside out then folded it into the box very easy. X
  16. Hi Rachael Yes name is right, are you friends with Nicy or the other Michelle as they both have me on their friends list, profile photo is me & my daughter on my wedding day. I sorted the split time direct with Ledy not the wc, just make sure you take copies of any emails regarding things like this as they dont normally split their time. It will all be fine.
  17. Yes racheal that was his name, he was great and open to ideas. Yes I'll add you x
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