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  1. kerry i got married at sensatori and we had the gold wedding package which included a translated wedding certificate delivered by fed ex to us 6 weeks after our wedding. we were given 2 copies of the original mexican certificate to take home with us & the translated copy arrived just under 6 weeks after the wedding. so it was a fab service for us. hopefully sensatori will do the same for you!x
  2. awww herbie i am so pleased you are loving sensatori - GOD I WISH I WAS BACK THERE!!! how are you all doing girls? i had a grumpy day yesterday cos I just wish it was april again & i was looking forward to the wedding x
  3. hey kerry thats great news! the more the merrier x
  4. good luck herbie!! you will love sensatori xx
  5. hey girls, hope your all ok. i have changed my name now with work & the bank my new bank cards came on saturday woohooo still doesnt feel right though. how lush is the weather x
  6. me too nicy i wish it was april & we had all the fun to look forward to! would go back to mexico in a heartbeat!!x
  7. hey girls thought i'd quickly log in for a catch up! char i felt so upset for you hun but then i got to your post about the money!! so pleased for you herbie, looks like you had such a good time on your hen night! i put my review of sensatori on tripadvisor a couple of weeks ago. michelle & nicy - hows married life? are you used to your new name yet? i am starting to think of myself as lyndsey smith but its hard!!x
  8. hey girls, i feel like i havent been on here properly for ages! so busy at the min. herbie that dress is gorgeous! michelle, how do i see some of your pics? bet you are really looking forward to your party 2moro night! it will fly by so quickly! i didnt sit down once and didnt get any buffet either lol hope you are all ok xx
  9. welcome back Mrs Page!!! can't wait to see some pics & read your review. (still haven't got round to doing mine yet!lol)
  10. hi girls!! my internets been off i have missed you lot lol kerry, we used caribe photography so have a look at our photos & see what you think. michelle will be a married woman!! so happy for her! I will try to find the time to do a review next week, at a wedding this weekend in glasgow but will try to find time xx
  11. hey girls I'm back!! we had the most amazing time i'm sad to be back but we go to a log cabin just outside of york tomorrow for 4 nights then its our AHR on saturday so good times ahead!! mexico is an amazing place & our hotel was fab - champagne was included in the all inclusive - yay!! the wedding day was perfect from start to finish, we couldnt have wished for anymore. i'll add a few pics but if anyone wants to see my name on facebook is now lyndsey smith - lol there are probs millions of lyndsey smiths!! michelle i hope i havent missed you - have the time of your lives & enjoy every minute. good luck!!x
  12. hey girls we fly tomorrow so thought i would log in and say goodbye! speak soon girls and thanks for all of your support! speak in 2 weeks when i am MRS SMITH!!! x x x x x