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PPR Punta Cana Wedding Review!!

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hi ladies, i just got home and packign to leave for jamaica for my honey moon and wanted to get an honest review out because i know how much i was waiting for everyone elses...here goes!!



My wedding review of the Paradisus Palma Real, 4/18/10 wedding



First of all, I almost missed my flight lol we woke up late and then ran into major traffic. My mom and cousin and sister had to beg the crew to not close the doors lol but we made it at last minute. I flew from Newark, NJ with continental. They suk. They are rude and didnâ€t really care that we were a bride and groom. I took my dress and his suit on the plane and it was put in the overhead. My dress was fine, didnâ€t need ironing, but itâ€s the kind of dress that didnâ€t get wrinkled. His suit is linen from studio suits (fantastic website!!!)and would have needed to be pressed no matter what.


So we made it to PPR. A couple of us on that flight. We had a free shuttle bus which we had since we booked our packages thru liberty travel. Liberty was able to match any prices we found thru orbitz/expedia. We went straight to PPR which was like 20 minutes. We arrived and it was gorgeous. We had known this as we have been there before. But the guests hadnâ€t. We were upgraded to royal service. We were treated like a king and queen. Shout outs to Santos!!!! Our room wasnâ€t ready but that was ok, we were starving so we all left our luggage with the hotel and we all went to eat. We saw some of the other guests who had arrived and all ate. Everyone was so excited to be there. The 1st day we chilled by the pool and just relaxed and had lots of drinks. We then all hit up the club that was there, Onyx. It was always empty but we made it fun. We all danced and drank all night.


The 1st day I met up with my WC, Noelia. Background to this. I started with vivianna when I first visited PPR a year ago. She left then I got Teresa who made my life a living hell. She would quote things then change her mind then say she never said that. And even told me to stop emailing or she wouldnâ€t answer me anymore!!! I was very stressed so I contacted management and they apologized then gave me Noelia who was a breath of fresh air. She was very honest. Sometimes things were forgotten but once I showed her prior emails with promised quotes, everything was okay. So the 1st day I met up with her and gave her everything that I had in a huge box that I checked. It had favors….etc we went thru everything. I also gave her my IPOD to use for the ceremony songs. She took it and put it in her desk drawer. I felt a little weird but I figured, they are responsible not to lose it…more about that later. I then paid the entire bill with my moms credit card….in total it was 30 people and it came to about 9500. I use my moms capital one card as they DO NOT charge for international fees and she had a huge limit 


Next day I met with DJ Mannia. He was very cool!!! We went over the songs and announcements I wanted to be played and it took about 20 minutes and that was that. Then we all ate breakfast which was great and I gave out the OOT bag which everyone loved and used for excusions and at the pool or beach. Then we all went to do an excursion of doon dugging. Totally worth it. Most of the younger people went and we had a blast. We got a little discount since it was a group. We came back and all got dressed and then went to the rehearsal dinner. I set it up at Bana. I wanted it at the Hibachi spot but it was closed that day so Noelia made it at Bana. No worries. We all sat there, ate, drank. The food was fantastic. The only weird part was that it was a late dinner and twice they turned off the lights. And we seemed to be rushed out. Im not a complainer so I didnâ€t care. We were done anyways but some of the guests were saying it was rude. Then we all went to ONYX again and got drunk and danced. Some of the guests went to IMAGINE, which was a club out of the resort. FI and I didnâ€t since the wedding was the next day we wanted to go to bed at a decent hour.


Wedding Day-Perfect weather…beach ceremony and reception

We woke up and were like OMG we are getting married today lol So I ordered room service for brkfast, relaxed and then had a hair appointment at 12 with my mom and sis. Maria did my hair. I just wanted soft curls. None of us did an updo. We were all very happy with our hair. My FI treated the guys to a spa day. Then I was off to my room with my mom and sis and cousin. We all got dressed. I was soooooooooooo nervous. I was nauseous. We ordered room service food and champagne so we can eat and toast. Then my dad came. Then Severine and Reno came from photosouvenir at 4 to take pics of us then went to my FIs parents room where he got dressed with the BM. PHOTOSOUVENIR were awesome!!!!!!! Def worth it, you will see it in the pics!! The ceremony on Naos beach was supp to start at 5 but I think it started at 530. I was so anxious to do it already lol finally when I started walking down the aisle I felt better and saw how beautiful the ceremony set up was!!!! I luved the ceremony set up!! When I got to the front of the aisle, FI was crying!! I kinda giggled lol I barley heard what the judge was saying, I wasnâ€t paying much attention, I was just trying to take in the scenery lol we then took pics with everyone and then just us and wedding party.


Cocktail was in front of vento in plaza colonial. It was perfect. It started to get dark, and what suked is that the mosquitoes started to bite. I didnâ€t but lots of guests did. But that was no ones fault. The welcome blue drink was great! The food again was to die for!!!! Guests went to change into other outfits and then were escorted to the reception on Olympus Beach.


Reception—on Olympus Beach 720


The setup was amazing. It was great to see all of my ideas come to life. The romance team did an amazing job bringing all of it to life!!


The parents and bridal party were announced and then we came in to a mix of songs that DJ Mannia made for us. I just gave him the songs I wanted 2 weeks before and he made a mix!!!! Thanks DJ MANNIA, u rock!!! Then we did our first dance My dad brought his soanish band. The band played a salsa song that my dad wrote for me when I was a baby. So my dad and I danced to that. Then the groom and his mom danced. Then it ws time to eat. The food was amazing. We had lobster, steak, ….etc the guests loved it!!! Then the best man and MOH made their speeches and so did we and I ened my speech with, LETS PARTY and MANNIA played black eyed peas, I got a feeling and everyone started dancing!! DJ MANNIA and the band did 3 songs each back and forth. Then came the bouquet toss, garter taken off and toss then cake cutting. The cake was cute…. Not gorgeous. It looked like it was melting, as it was bumpy. It was a nice try for the duplication that they tried to do from the pic I sent. But not worth the 700 I paid for it. It wasnâ€t even the size I wanted. It should have been bigger for the price!! But whatever, still cute. I wanted to get all that out the way so we can party. Then I had brought long sparklers and the guests made a line and me and FI run under them for a great photo!! After that the party kept on until 1130, I extended it an hour which we def needed that! OMG we partied so hard!!! People were so drunk but having such a great time. We poured champagne on people. It was soooo much fun. Everyone said it was the best wedding they had ever been too lol at the end everyone was talking about jumping in the pool. And we def did with dress, suit and all. Seciruty came and kicked us out, but we had our fun already. We all changed and met up and drank some more at the bars lol I was drunk along with everyone else that I forgot to say bye to some of the non resident guests and the staff and DJ. So I forgot to tip DJ Mannia which I felt bad, but its ok, because a great review is even better 


Next day I had to meet severine for TTD at 8AM!!! Omg me and FI did not want to get up we had gone to bed at about 5 or 6am!!! We also cancelled also because my dress was still wet from the pool!!! But I thought about it and dragged hubby out the bed. He was upset then got over it lol and he loves the pics and is glad he woke up. The only thing was that I was able to do my make up real quick but not my hair since I had jumped in the pool, but I still love the pics lol the TTD was cool, my dress was sooooooooooooooo heavy with sand and water so after the beach we jumped in the pool again for pics and to wash up the dress lol it was fun, glad we did it!!! And severine is the best!! Then we had our bride and groom breakfast which was fantastic, we relaxed, and then hit another excusion. Speed boats and snorkeling which was fun. We came back had dinner and all hit up onyx and drank all over again. We did that every night lol I think the hotel was sick of us lol



Only huge complaint---the next day I went to pick up my stuff from romance. I took back some things and asked for my IPOD. Leny, Noelias assistant didnâ€t see it and said she would ask Noelia and get back to me. I saw them by the pool the following day and Noelia claimed to be looking for me and seemed like she was saying that one of my guests might have taken it and that right there pissed me off. Donâ€t dare put the blame on my guests!! I told her that if she didnâ€t put it in my hands, then the hotel was responsible. She agreed and said she would take it off my bill or whatever. I told her that in NY to buy an IPOD NANO would be 150, and that was just off the top of my head, not checking the price, she said she checked EBAY and its 79 buks. I said, well im not gonna buy it off of ebay and you have to give me money to buy a NEW one!!! She went on to say it was used blah blah. So I said look, I want my 150. she said she was going to check with accounting…which I think is bull. I just spent 10k and more with all the rooms book and u gonna argue over 150 buks!!! I really didnâ€t care abou the IPOD cuz I can eat the 150 but it was the principle. later that day I check the apple website and the nano was about 179 so I was even giving her a break saying 150. I ran into her at the buffet and told her just to take 150 off my room charges and that was it. The next day at check out she had only authorized to take off 100. I really didnâ€t want to deal with it or argue so I said ok. That morning I was going to give Noelia a tip of 50-100 buks but because of the IPOD I didnâ€t. she def did a great job with the wedding but that left a bad taste in my mouth! And since she still should have gave me almost another 100 for the IPOD, then I wasnâ€t going to give her 100. I can use that for a new IPOD!! It was like, my wedding was over and noone cared anymore. So I didnâ€t either!


I did tip severine 50 buks, as she was well worth it. Thinking about it now, I would have tipped her more  the morning I left, I met with severine and paid her in cash and she came with all 900 pics on a cd!!!! And she showed them to us on her labtop!!! So freaking nice!! She said the video will come in the mail.



So overall besides the IPOD and the cake, my wedding was the best wedding ever!!!! I had so much fun I cant even describe it!!! The hotel is fabulous from the rooms, the workers, and the food and grounds!!! And I luved every min of it. pics to follow!!

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Congrats and welcome back! Thanks for the review and pics. They are great and you looked beautiful!! I'm really sorry to hear about your IPOD, that was soooo shady! Thanks again for sharing, have a great time in Jamaica!

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