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  1. Thanks everyone for the great comments!! Â TLGnhci - The BM dresses were from the Dessy Collection and After Six. They had the brightest color options and a variety of styles available in the same fabrics, and not too bad on price either which is always nice.
  2. My hubby thinks Kathy is Britney's mom too! I thought it was Annie and Brendon but once I found out she was the saboteur that went out the window. So who knows, I'm kinda glad Annie's gone, she was annoying. I'm excited about the rest of the season, i hope it's good!
  3. I went through the same thing with my husband and you're right, go now or it'll be really frustrating in the winter to try to find beach wedding attire! My hubby said the same thing about losing weight and he didn't lose any, I mean even if he lost 10 pounds I would've been OK with having his suit altered. Instead we were looking in Sept/Oct for his suit to wear in November and couldn't find any. If you're just looking for pants you probably won't have that hard of a time but you might need to buy online. The khakis in the stores in the winter will be heavier and probably not what you're looking for. Good luck!
  4. I watched the first episode last night and was so happy to see the 2nd one was on too so I watched that one afterwards. I think Kathy is the saboteur...I mean she was in that caramel for forever, you would think she'd have enough strength to get out of that. The only thing is I don't think she moved when the lights went out but then again these shows are sneaky, ya never know. My 2nd guess is the swim coach. I'm overwhelmed by all the boobs in the show, the girls really had them all out there from the get go. I'm jealous of you ladies that have Showtime....keep us posted with any juicy things that happen!!!
  5. I like Mexico's idea too, I could see the last name martini really sticking around for a long long time, good idea!
  6. Aahh I'm happy you said something, I used to love that show! It's a great one to watch since my hubby likes it, I'll have to set it up to record, thanks!
  7. Or maybe something in spanish, like azultini (azul for blue), playatini (playa for beach), amortini (amor for love)....just start plugging in words on an online translator. But I like your suggestions too, can't go wrong as long as the drink is tastey!!
  8. Congrats rosieposie you survived your first session!!! At least the 2nd time around you'll know what to expect and the fallout from this session will make you want to go back and struggle through it. As long as you slather on that cream your underarms shouldn't be as bad, good luck, can't wait to hear how this all turns out for you!
  9. Ha ha a saran wrap bikini bottom is awesome...truly hilarious. Good luck at your consultation rosieposie, I'll be tuning in to hear how it goes!!
  10. Good luck, you'll love it! I had it done to my underarms and legs and I'm so thankful I did. I used to shave my underarms daily because I couldn't stand any prickly feeling there but now I only do it once a week to get the few stragglers. Just make sure you put the numbing creme on before you go in for your first visit. They failed to tell me about that before my first appointment so I went for it without it and thought I was going to pass out from the pain. Legs didn't really bother me, just around the shin and ankle but nothing compared to the underarm pain.... I would love to do my bikini area but I'm too chicken, hats off to you ladies that have done that! But I'm curious...when I put the numbing creme on my underarms I had to wrap saran wrap around them to make sure it stayed in contact with my skin and didn't rub off on my clothes. How did you use it for your bikini area?
  11. Great review, can't wait to see more pics, you looked beautiful!! And the cake is hilarious, glad you had a backup and could laugh it off!
  12. Congratulations on your fabulous wedding, you looked beautiful!!
  13. Ladies you're making me worry for you, I feel so bad this gazebo renovation has made you question your choice in resorts!! Dreams Cancun isn't the fanciest but the setup and location is ideal. The size is perfect as you'll always run into someone from your party so they always feel included. The resort itself isn't a party spot but if you have a fun group you can make your own party. Plus if there are couples there they might just want a relaxing vacation environment, not every night needs to be a party. It's so close to all the action for those that do want to go clubbing they have many options, I highly recommend Bulldog, we had a blast. If you can work out a deal to get your group in there for a decent rate then that's perfect. Everyone at Dreams really tries to insure you have a great time and they provide excellent service, they'll take care of you. Don't worry about your group having fun, if they can't have fun in that beautiful location then something's wrong with them, not with your planning!!
  14. I agree, take your rings just make sure they're insured or keep them on. Just one note though...my first time snorkeling was on our honeymoon and my 'honey' told me that I shouldn't have worn my wedding rings since they attract barracuda. He grew up in FL and was a diver so I freaked when he told me that, and the fact that he waited until we were getting on the boat to tell me!! I figured he had a hefty insurance policy on me already...lol I kept them on but stayed close to our guide in case there were any incidents. So you might want to leave them in the safe if you go diving or snorkeling, just to be safe.....
  15. I just voted, she's a doll, I hope you win!
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