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  1. Â Hi Misee, Â I've seen posts about the heat on this forum too, but I don't remember it being hot at the reception and I didn't hear any complaints from our guests. We had the dancing on the beach in front of the restaurant, so it could be that there's more of a breeze out there. Or maybe it depends on the time of year and what time the reception is. Our reception started at almost 7, and by then the sun had been down for an hour or so... Hope this helps. Â Lisa
  2. Â Nikki, Â Here it is: Â LIBERTY TRAVEL HOLLYWOOD Sheridan Plaza - 5401 Sheridan Street, Hollywood, FL 33021 1-954-965-2569 1-954-965-2532 (Fax) PearsonA@libertytravel.com
  3. Â It rained the day of the wedding but I hated the alternate rain location, so I asked Nicole if we could do it on the staircase. At first she said she didn't think we could because they had only done it a few times with a small group, but when I suggested using the landing as the alter so we would have more room below she said OK. So it sounds like they've added it as one of the options now...that's great because it turned out beautifully.
  4. Hi mrsdeloatch2b, We got a good hotel deal with our travel agent and posted the rates and TA contact info on our wedding website. We didn't post any air and hotel packages because we had people traveling from different places, and also we didn't find any deals that would be cheaper than booking hotel and airfare separately. We booked our room about 8 months in advance because that was when we signed up with our TA, and we booked our flights about 3 months from the wedding.
  5. Â Hi Sharan, welcome to the forum! For a large group I would definitely recommend using a TA. Ours was able to get a deal for our guests that was better than what the hotel was offering online, and also she kept up with who had booked...that was really helpful because otherwise we wouldn't have had any idea. Our TA is located in Davie, FL and we didn't have any issues, so I don't think it matters if they're not in the same city. Let me know if you have any questions about how the process works...I don't normally use a TA either, but I'm really glad we did. There are a lot of them out there though and not all of them are good, so it's a good idea to do some research before you decide to go with one. Â Feel free to contact me with any more questions - Glad to help! Â Lisa
  6. Yes, we were up-graded to the presidential suite when we checked in. I think it depends on whether or not its available, so its not guaranteed, but we were hoping to get it  No, there was no extra fee for the beach party because it was where we had the dancing for the reception. The area we used is right in front of Aunt Ruby's, and if you rent the restaurant out for your reception then you can pretty much do whatever you want with the beach area in front of it.
  7. Â Thanks! Wow I've never heard of that cakewrecks.com. Our cake would definitely be a candidate, LOL! Â
  8. hmmm, grey and red leather furniture...I'm pretty sure that's the lobby bar area. The chairs have kind of a rounded back right? It's just off to the side of the lobby so it's not really closed off, but it is a nice area. I can't think of what other lounge it would be, unless its the club downstairs. I don't remember what kind of chairs they have down there.
  9. Hi Sabrina, Â Nope - He was able to get on the property without a day pass. He had been in contact with Nicole while we were planning everything, so probably when he got to the front desk he just asked for her and was able to get in and set up.
  10. Nikki, Yeah I remember getting info that said you could get red or white roses too, so I was surprised when they quoted me the $120 for pink ones. I had my heart set on pink and it was only about $30 from my florist, so I just got it from him, but I think if you get red or white roses then they're included. Lisa
  11. Hey Nikki, I got my bouquet from Godfrey. I thought about using one from the resort, but they quoted me $120 to get roses. The tropical one that is included for free is pretty (at least from the pictures I've seen), but I wanted a rose bouquet that would go with the rose bouquets that I was getting for my bridesmaids. Lisa
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by mischka Hello Lisa, Thanks for that bit of info. Do you have the number for Amy Pearson with Liberty Travel? It is: 954-965-2569
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by eholt Lisa, I have referred to this post countless times. You have become my IBRS reference and I thank you. You may have mentioned this and I do not see it today but did you use DIGIpix or bring your own photographer? If you did use them, how was your experience? We brought down a friend who also does photography. We just paid for his airfare and hotel and he took pictures for us the whole weekend. We did use Digipix for the wedding video though. We thought it was a little cheesy with the slow-motion montage set to love songs in the beginning, LOL...but we're glad that we got it.
  14. Thanks Mischka, and congrats on deciding on Iberostar, great choice Yes, the hotel set up the decorations that we brought. They set up our table runners, table name cards and escort cards, and hung the lanterns. Godfrey (the florist) set out all the centerpieces and rose petals, and set out and lit the candles that we brought down. Since we had a lot of stuff, I made a detailed list of what needed to go where, with diagrams and everything.
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