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    Ladies please vote for my son... just click on the link below

    thank u hun!! this is wat he loves to do.. hahahhah im just tryin to get him more votes n see wat happens!! lol
  2. http://www.gapcastingcall.com/GapCastingCall/EntryDetail.html?id=697365
  3. http://www.gapcastingcall.com/GapCastingCall/EntryDetail.html?id=697365
  4. i havent really had the time to post anything as i just got back from Puerto Rico where my honeymoon was but OMG words can't explain how amazing experience this is.. Everyone that went loved the resort.. the food is amazin .. i had a religious ceremony at the garden gazebo we all stayed at the Riu Palace Punta Cana.. i went to all the other Rius but nothin like Palace... the food was amazin.. everythin was just amazin.. we got upgraded to a suite once we got there with the most perfect view.. i had 80 ppl go !!! i had Suenos Caribe as my DJ.. they were just amazing.. my photographer was Michael Weiler.. he is the BEST.. wow i will start post pictures soon!! he was sooooo AMAzin.. do the trash the dress session! it was such an amazing experience.. my reception was at the steak house right by the beach!! we even had weddin crashers since our music was soo good everyone wanted to get it but i did a private reception soo they couldnt.. at the end of the night i didnt mind soo the entire hotel was der partyin it up with us.. everyone caame back home with great things to say sooo girls dont stress it n enjoy the ride.. any questions hit me up
  5. Michael Weiler!!! luv him..he did an amazing job with me.. let me kno if u need his info
  6. do you girls know where i can get sparklers for a cheap price like wholesale?? Im tryin to ship them to the dominican republic. thanks
  7. great JOb!!! it looks AMAZING!! all that hard work is gonna pay off at the end!! it looks GREAT!! GOO U!! lol
  8. Dominicana06

    My Costa Rica Wedding Review

    COngrats!!! please post ur pics.. we will love to see them..
  9. Dominicana06

    PPR Punta Cana Wedding Review!!

    great review hun!!! luved everythin!! congrats
  10. i will be gettin married there in 3 months.. august 6th.. so once i come back i will have a review for all of you Riu Palace Punta Cana brides... Happy planning
  11. Dominicana06

    Large Catholic Wedding in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

    congrats... happy planning
  12. congrats!! im gettin married there August 6 2010.... im soo excited the time is almost here
  13. Dominicana06

    Punta Cana Bride

    congratulations and good luck planning...