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  1. Thanks everyone!! Like I said I'm without Internet for the next few weeks (I hope). I posted a link to the photographer's website with some of our pics. It takes so long to upload our pics to the forum since they're huge. Once I get settled and have Internet access for more than a few hours at a clip I will try to put up some more. Thanks again for your kind words!!
  2. Flowers I emailed the WC these pictures for my bouquet: I asked them to do a smaller bouquet of just orange flowers for my sister (MOH). This is what our bouquets looked like: I think they did a fabulous job and couldn’t have been happier with the flowers!! Cake Originally, I asked for a custom cake but had to cut it since it was so pricey ($15 per person). We went with the two tiered white cake included in the package. It looked and tasted great! We asked that one layer be chocolate and the other be vanilla but the whole thing was vanilla. No biggie since I prefer
  3. Our wedding was Friday, July 16th at the Paradisus Palma Real in Punta Cana. We chose this resort because I stayed there 4 years ago with a large group of family members and absolutely loved it. I was sure if I chose another location I would constantly be comparing it to the PPR. I’m glad I stuck with my decision, because despite changes in the resort (good and bad) our wedding was fabulous!! We had a total of 27 guests attend our wedding. They ranged in ages from about 2yrs-65yrs old. Flight We flew from Newark airport on Continental Airlines. My mom had called the airlines 2 week
  4. Hi Cassie- welcome to the forum! I hope you find this site helpful for your wedding planning. Good luck and enjoy!!
  5. Welcome back and congrats!! Your pics look awesome, can't wait to hear how everything went! Congrats again!
  6. Welcome to the forum! Vegas sounds awesome and the forum should be able to help you with planning your destination wedding there. Good luck and enjoy!
  7. Not sure how much I can help but I got my sister these earrings she had been eying for a while...Jewellery - Pierced Earrings - Louella Pierced Earrings She's going to wear them to the wedding. I was also considering a starfish necklace from Tiffanys but it was pricey. My mom helped me since my sister told her she liked the earrings and was thinking about buying them. Maybe your mom can help you?? You might want to consider treating your sister to a spa treatment like a massage while at the resort as her gift.
  8. Hi Joy, welcome to the forum! Glad you're finding the site helpful already. Good luck and enjoy your planning!
  9. Hi Laura- welcome to the forum and congrats on your recent engagement!! I'm not familiar with the Royal Plantation but I'm sure if you use the search function up top you might find more information. Definitely take some time to browse the locations you're interested in to help narrow down your location. Everyone on here is very helpful so ask any and all questions you have. Good luck and enjoy your planning!!
  10. Welcome to the forum! There is so much helpful information here for planning a destination wedding, especially in Punta Cana. Good luck and enjoy your planning!!
  11. tracy0716


    Hi Emma! Welcome to the forum- there's an entire thread about Las Vegas under the United States section. The search function is also helpful for finding answers to your questions. Good luck and enjoy your planning!!
  12. Welcome to the forum! This site has a lot of info about resorts in Cuba and Mexico, not sure about Sri Lanka. Take some time to search for info and read member's reviews to help you narrow down your location. Once you've chosen your location most of the other details should fall into place. Good luck and enjoy your planning!!
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