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  1. Hey there, since I started this thread, I wanted to follow up and share what I ended up using for my OOT bags. -Tags, ribbon, and white pen from Paper Source from home -Cartoon Map ordered online weeks ahead of time -We designed and printed a welcome letter and itinerary at home and brought with us, wrapped it around the map with a bow. Everything else I bought on island when I got there: -White bags and tissue paper from Cayman party store (I blew my budget buying everything else) -Regular & light Caybrew -Tortuga Rum -Tortuga Rum Cake -Saltwater Taffy -Shot glass
  2. Hi Grand Cayman brides, So many people were helpful to me on this board, I wanted to give back. Here are my photos and recommendations: Wedding Day Little Details Rehearsal etc. These are the vendors I recommend (in order of favorites): -Luca -Hemingway's -Caribbean Club -Ritz Carlton -Celebrations (rentals, florals) Surprise lessons: -Some people really wanted/expected a pick up from the airport -Not all guests will be comfortable walking to get to places (even if they are as close as Luca & Hemingways) -I thought everyone would want to share suites at
  3. Yes, our wedding is right around the corner -- the freaking out has officially commenced LOL. I'm flying my photographer in, her name is Julie Sterling http://www.juliesterlingphoto.com/ or http://juliesterling.wordpress.com/ She came highly recommended from a close friend and I loved her work. I will make sure to post photos and write about my lessons learned : )
  4. Hi there, We loved the idea of a family-style vacation, so Caribbean Club was perfect (3 bedroom, 3 bath villas) for us. But there are a lot of beautiful options in the Caymans. Crystal Blue Studio blog is definitely the place to start your research. As for Caribbean Club there are no discounts for weddings, there are actually ADDITIONAL charges to have the wedding there. There is a fee to use the beach for the wedding, and if you want to use the beach for any other events (welcome reception, beach parties) you need to reserve all three oceanfront villas (first, second, third floors).
  5. Thanks everyone. These posts are soooo helpful. GrandCayBride, where did you get that cute map?
  6. Hi fellow Cayman brides ~ I'm entering freak out stage since the wedding is only a few months away : ) We still need to book the rehearsal dinner and are considering Hemingways or Ragazzi's....any feedback or thoughts on those? Also, I started a new thread under "The Island Weddings" regarding Cayman OOT bags if you have any good ideas to share. Thanks! Laura Nov 4, 2011 Caribbean Club & Luca
  7. Calling all Grand Cayman brides, any tips for Out-of-Town bags? I'm thinking basics like a map, travel/party survival things like advil, alka seltzer, dramamine...but what are some cool things from Cayman that I can include? Thanks for any help...
  8. Oh sorry -- I hadn't updated my browser to see you have sent recommendations -- thanks!
  9. CONGRATULATIONS!!! It looks like it was magical. What were your favorite choices in terms of planning -- vendors, venues, decorations, entertainment etc. Recommendations are so helpful. Was that steel drum player good? It is so hard to find vendors like that online, and unfortunately I've had to pass on having a local coordinator due to budget restraints. Thanks for any tips. AND CONGRATS AGAIN xo
  10. Hi GrandCayBride, could you let me know who your Steel Drum player is? Hope all is well for you, your big day is getting close!!
  11. Thanks Stefanie-- you have me so pumped!! I am sooooo glad to hear that you checked out Caribbean Club and Luca and you loved them -- that makes me feel so much better about our choice (sight unseen). We are planning a visit in late July to see it ourselves too... we decided that we needed to ease our anxiety (ok, MY anxiety) before the big day in November. I'll check out the other place you mention for rehearsal dinner. And I wonder why you chose Creativent for wedding coordination instead of Celebrations? I was thinking of doing something similar, and I wonder if it is for the same reas
  12. Hi there, I'm looking into the same thing, but haven't started yet. Have you had any success with the real touch flowers? I live in LA and there is a huge floral district downtown that I plan to investigate...
  13. That is amazing! Congratulations ~ I wish I would've known about the giveaway, I'm jealous! Rebecca Davidson is a great photographer. Your entry was lovely too, you totally deserved to win!
  14. Nice to meet you GrandCayBride... all the best to you for your wedding. I'd love to hear reviews on vendors if you don't mind sharing! I don't have much lined up other than Caribbean Club Nov 4 2011, dinner at Luca, and Celebrations
  15. Hey GC brides, I've started our wedding site and wanted to share it in case it is helpful to you (or any other potential Grand Cayman brides) www.SeguraMueller.com It is a work in progress...but some basics are there all ready. I don't have many vendors lined up yet; I would love to hear your thoughts on who you choose & if you love them...
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