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  1. That had crossed my mind to be honest but we going to have a party when we get back, so everyone can see the dress and our parents can give a speech if they wish. I'm going to have a bachelorette party after I'm married - its only a night out drinking too much with the girls so I don't mind that its not before. Sometimes I think it would be nice to hve a traditional full on wedding but then I go back to thinking about the cost and the planning - plus there is the danger a traditional wedding becomes more about trying to cater for the guests needs instead of just enjoying our wedding for what it is. We decided if 'friends' don;t like what we will have done then its tough ) x
  2. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH I love the second pair of shoes!! I love your location and your suite reception, it is going to be lovely. I did notice that you seem to be a bit unsure of what goodies to include for favours etc, I had started looking for bits and bobs and found some brilliant Dice favour boxes - Lucky in Love Dice Favor Boxes with Imprinted Ribbon and I'm sure I've seen these Vegas name-card/photo holders on US sites but I am definately going to get some - www.hastings-crystal.co.uk >> Weddings >> Wedding Place Card Holders >> Las Vegas Themed Place Card Holders Set Of 15 (Discount For Bulk) For make-up and hair to treat your bridesmaid and the moms have you checked out Storybook Brides seem to get good reviews. HTH xxx abby xxx
  3. I found this thread on Money Saving Expert - it seems really informative for peeps like me who have never been, or if the locals have a look, let us know if its pretty accurate or not!! ) thanks xx Las Vegas thread and MSE guide 2010 - MoneySavingExpert.com Forums
  4. I do like no.2 it just has a little something more special about it than the others x
  5. We're thinking of Always and Forever because we really like the lakeside location, or failing that somewhere that does an candle lit evening outdoor ceremony. Its the whole dinner thing that I'm unsure of - I would like somewhere that we can go in our wedding clothes and have a big lunch where we won't feel rushed, that not crammed and too claustraphobic and where we won't look totally out of place! I'm so excited and the bonus is its only one day that will be really structured then the rest of the time in Vegas can be relaxed. I don't think I'll be half as stressed as I would be if I was planning a full on white wedding at home and trying to organise a big do!!! Steph - you may get a couple of messages nearer the time!! Its around a ten hour flight so theres no chance of a trip to have a look around beforehand! I guess that will make Veags even more special in the end x Abby xxx
  6. Congrats and welcome, I'm sure you'll find loads of useful tips and ideas! x Abby x
  7. Congratulations on making your plans and hopefully things will be easier for you from now on..... To your question ' does it sound ok....' Sounds very similar to what we have in mind!!! We're thinking of a late morning ceremony and a lavish lunch, afternoon 'nap' ) and then another dinner and partying 'n' cocktails on the evening!! Have you decided where you would like to have your ceremony yet? xxx
  8. I'm 4 years and 3 months older - exactly the same age difference in his parents! We took that as a good omen as they have been married nearly 25 years ) We will have been together four years when we marry, which was the same as my parents, and they'e been married 33 so good omens from all angles!!! )
  9. Congrats and welcome!! x Abby x
  10. Congrats and welcome!! x Abby x
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by maggie143 I am getting married at Caesars Palace in the Juno garden on May 18, 2011. I am trying to find a reasonable place to have my reception on the strip for after the ceremony. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions? I've just stumbled across this - maybe a good starting point to find out places you want to get more info on.... HTH xx Las Vegas Restaurant - Reviews, Ratings and Openings - BlackBook City Guide
  12. Thanks!! I'm so excited its going to be really hard to keep it secret, we'll probablly tell the pareents a few weeks before we go just to make sure they have valid passports but other than that I think it'll be hard to keep quiet!! ) I'm so excited ) xxx
  13. Hiya Miranda! We've just decided to get married next year in Las Vegas and I'm at the 'trawling the internet and feeling as lost as before I started' stage. I'm wondering about photographers and places for reception meals, but like you I'm having a very small party - Just me, OH and two sets of parents - so 6 to your 8. Please keep us posted on what you find and I'll do the same if you like. xxx
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