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  1. no need to worry - i was in the same boat but took a trip down there in may to meet the wedding coordinator and lay out the plan for the wedding. the new wedding coordinator, Shanique, is great. Everything is "no worries" and "whatever you want - it's your wedding!" - she's very good and I'm sure you'll end up with the wedding you want as long as you communicate what that is! my fiance REALLY wants a chocolate rum cake for the wedding cake, and i had been worried because i just saw the standard package info online and that wasn't an option. when i asked if we could do that Shanique said "of course!" You also don't need an outside wedding coordinator - that's what Shanique is for. She even came to a meeting with a photographer with me and asked questions for me since I had no idea what to ask!
  2. Hey guys! I'm getting married 6/17/11 at TP - wedding weekend is 6/16-6/18. My FH and I had been there on vacation about a year and a half ago and just went end of May to meet with the wedding coordinator, etc. I did NOT want to plan the entire thing over email and wanted to see some of the rooms, see what the options were, how custom the wedding could be, etc. I was nervous because of their slowness to respond over email and everything but in-person all my fears were put to rest. Shanique, the wedding coordinator, is new (been there a few months) and is really trying to step up the wedding services there (she was at one of the resorts on the beach before - Grand Palladium I think). I feel like I have a lot of the details planned already but definitely think you guys are going to be able to help (and hopefully I can help you as well!).
  3. Hi everyone, I'm Joy. Nice to meet you! We've set our date - June 17th, 2011 in Negril, Jamaica at Tensing Pen. I found BDW by searching for tips on Tensing Pen (and similar Negril cliffs locations) and am excited by the amount of useful info in the forum!!
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