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  1. Hey Astef, As far as I know for a symbolic ceremony it is just the WC who performs it and I would guess it would probably be in English, when it is a civil ceremony then I think it's the judge who speaks it in Spanish and the WC translates (my friend had a civil ceremony in Mexico and that was how hers was). As far as getting them to do your own script it never hurts to ask but keep in mind that English is their second language.
  2. Jennyalisha, I found this article on the matter: http://www.dominicantoday.com/dr/local/2010/11/20/37694/Ten-suspected-cholera-cases-under-investigation-in-DR It made me curious as to what Cholera is exactly, so I looked it up on Wikipedia (not always the best source but gets the general point across) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cholera It sounds like this infection is the reason why we shouldn't be drinking tap water in countries like these. When we went to Mexico we used bottled water for all our drinking and oral care (such as brushing teeth ect.). I also took the Dukoral oral vaccine before we went and my fiance got a prescription for the antibiotics before we left and brought that with him in case we got anything. Most good resorts use filtered water in all their food preparation. I would say just be safe and don't drink the water. This won't stop me from going!
  3. Ya my WC is Esterlin too. And yes that is how her sentences end...they don't. lol. Maybe if I still can't get answers by re-wording the questions a bit simpler I will try the Google Translate but I agree I don't want to insult her.
  4. On the note of getting questions answered... I have booked the Tides package and I am wondering about some of the items that are included like what the reception tables will be decorated with so I know if I will need additional decor and what the space is like as per layout so I can come up with a rough seating plan. I sent an email to the WC but there is clearly a language issue cause her sentences didn't really make any sense to me. Here is what I sent and her reply as usual is in the blue text... "I was wondering if you can send me pictures of how the tables would be set up at the reception dinner so I can decide if I need to bring additional decorations. The table will be decorated depending on you theme colour, also please note the. We have 46 guests booked now so also if you can send me picture or drawing of how the tables will be set up in the semi private venue so I can make a seating chart. Yes you can have seating arrange, please be inform that we can no set up one big table, their will be set up same area" Anyone who has any info or pictures please HELP!!! Kyra
  5. I think we booked our group travel package in the beginning of December which would have been about 11 months before the wedding and our guests had 3 months from the day we locked in the price to get in on our deal. Regarding the difference between the RS or the romance suite I can't help cause I have no idea But I do understand your frustration with the language barrier as I am having difficulties getting some of my own questions answered clearly
  6. Hi Astif. Congrats on the engagement and setting the date! I checked a couple times with my travel agent regarding group rates, the first quote came in at $1900 which we thought was too much to ask our guests to pay. So we waited a little bit (I think about a month) and got her to check again and it was just lucky that there was an early booking sale ($1245) when we checked the second time so we jumped right on it and set our booking and told out guests they had how ever long to book to get that deal. Of course knowing what the first price could have been they all booked within the time frame to get this great deal. Since we are booked so early our flights aren't even confirmed yet. lol. I hope this helps Kyra
  7. Hey BrideJan2012 congrats!!
  8. PS... We now have our official wedding date booked......November 21! Has such a nice ring to it
  9. Hi Jenny, I've been looking at local photographers now and I think we might go with HDC, their photos are stunning and their prices are compairable plus they will give you the disc with all the photos from the day, unlike Arrecife. Plans are coming along nicely! I've got my dress ordered now and looking at BM dresses. I think we have all but 1 couple booked and we are at 46 including us!! I am so happy that so many friends and family are going to make the trip!! I hope all your planning is running smooth too!
  10. destination_diva

    Review of our wedding in Dominican Republic

    Thanks for the great review! I looked up your pics to and they were beautiful!! Congrats!
  11. Hey Girls!! It's been so long since I've been on this site...I was waiting on Laura my WC to get back to me with a confirmed date. It took her forever!! But we now have November 21 on hold we just have to send our deposit in!!! Yay! Feels so good to have the date finally officialy set! Phew Jenny, What is the official date of your wedding? I might be interested in sharing a photographer, I don't want to have to pay the extra $1000 (which Laura confirmed to me would be charged if not using Arrecife). Does your photograpgher have a website I can look up to get an idea of his work? I'm going to take a look at Arrecife's work on their facebook page but the prices/packages that she sent me an email about seem a bit odd, it doesn't look to me like you get a disc of all the pics they take if you go with the printed package, and looked to me like the biggest CD package was 50 pictures?? That does not seem like very many We already have 23 people booked for our wedding!! It's gonna be quite the party week! Destination_Diva (Kyra)
  12. WOW! Good to see so many Alberta girls on here! And it's neat that we are at the same resort! How long did it take the WC to get back to you girls about the date? I got an auto reply when I sent it (Dec 10) saying that she was out of the office till the 19th so now I'm getting impatient to hear back from her about our date confirmation. Do you ladies have any thoughts about the photographer at the resort? It's the one that's called "Arrecife Melia Caribe" right? I added them as a friend on Facebook. I am not srue yet what we will be doing.
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  14. Hello All!! We just booked the Melia with our TA for November 17-24, 2011!! EEK! I'm so excited! I also just sent back the information form to the wedding coordinator at the resort. Does any one know if I'm supposed to wait to hear back if the date I want is available before i send my deposit? Any other brides out there booked for this resort for this time frame? Or any one how has gotten married their recently and has any tips or advise I would greatly appriciate any info you can send my way!! EEEPPP!! I can hardly contain my excitement!!!
  15. Wow Great bags! And you got some pretty good deals too