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  1. Hey ladies - My wedding date is quickly approaching, Dec. 11th, but we leave on the 6th. We recently changed our package to the 2011 Aqua package for the simple fact that it include open bar and we refused to not have open bar for our cocktail hour and entire reception. That was one of the things we felt we had to have, both of our families and friends are big drinkers. We had our planning call with Lauren, who works outside of PPC, but has helped us with all the preparations leading up to our travel dates, then we meet with the WC's when we get to PPC. In the end the change actually sav
  2. I finally am back and have time to catch up on every thing for my wedding on Dec. 11th. Can anyone tell me if this list is still passing the little guy around? Annas adoption of itsfinallyhere list: 3. DestCabo10 - Cabo Rui, Santa Fe - Aug 10 – 20, 2010 4. Mexico102 - Mayan Riviera - Sep 27 - Oct 8, 2010 purchased own starfish! 5. Katie (ktnicole) Siesta Key FL- Nov 3-10, 2010 6. Lovelytlc - Paradisus Palm - Nov 17 - 25, 2010 7. Nichole (coley88 - Paradius, Punta Cana - Dec 5 - 13, 2010 ***reconfirmed 8. Christa (Daily2011) - Barcelo Maya Palace - Jan 11-18, 2011 9. B
  3. ktnicole I would love to be added to Annas list, I was on the Itsfinallyhere list for December 3rd through the 15th. Let me know if I can still be on the list. Thank you so much for contacting me, I'm so sorry the little guy was lost, that's horrible.
  4. There is a company called ask me inc. which works with various Caribbean resorts, they have English speaking employees and they aren't the easiest to work with either. I think in general if people aren't up front about EVERY thing they it's going to be a difficult situation. The person we worked with at Ask Me, returned emails with in 24 hours and was helpful, but as time passes we're noticing that they aren't up front about every thing and I don't know if that's the fault of ask me or the resort, but it's frustrating. What I don't understand is how resorts who deal with weddings c
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by dpitre Love this one--can you tell I'm a fan of the flowy bottoms?--Which color are you getting? I ordered Ivory - I'm so excited that it's finally ordered.
  6. Hey fellow December Brides. We're getting married on Dec. 11 at Paradisus Punta Cana, we've booked our room and flights and we've had 6 couples book so far. We sent website STD's out in March. Our invitation are planned to be mailed some time next week, (fingers crossed) we decided to send them early to remind people to start booking and give them a deadline. I found my dress about a month ago and that's really where we are. We're still working on a photographer, but for now we're holding off on a lot of the remaining planning until we have a better idea of how many people are going. The numbe
  7. Great review, thank you so much. We're not getting married here until December, but it makes me feel more relaxed when I read such great things about the resort we chose. CONGRATS!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by msglave This date is not on t he updated list: Nichole (coley8 - Paradius, Punta Cana - Dec 5 - 13, 2010. Is she still in? If not, I'd love to be in. My date is Dec. 11. I'm on the itsfinallyhere blue starfish list.
  9. A friend of mine who is a great graphic designer did ours. She's also doing our invitations.
  10. Finally ordered my dress - Dessy - Wedding Dress - STYLE - 1022 My Dress.pdf
  11. Great review, it sounds like everyone had an amazing time. Congrats. Enjoy your honeymoon!
  12. Finally decided on a dress and it's been ordered. Here it is: Dessy - Wedding Dress - STYLE - 1022
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