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I love the idea. I wonder how hard it's transporting all that glass stuff to the destination safely... I guess you can pack your clothes inside and provide cushion with more clothing and then hope for the best?

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Im sold!!! I love this project. Beautiful, Romantic and Cheap..excacly what I am looking for because we are just noticing we are going over budget here..We'll just have to figure out how are we going to bring them on the plane. We are going to have about 10 tables to decorate...

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Can I ask where did you get the orchid stems from?

Originally Posted by ebernard4985 View Post

My inspiration:
Click the image to open in full size.

Test Run:
Click the image to open in full size.

I was originally quoted $90 a table for centerpieces! These will cost me less that that for ALL the tables!!

Large Vase (10in) @ Wal-Mart for $2 each
Medium Vase (7in) @ Dollar Tree for $1 each
Orchid purchased from Michaels for $4 (on sale) has four orchids on each stem
Floating Candles purchased from Michaels for $1 each, you can look online for cheaper ones!

I will also be putting votive candles around these vases and some white seashells/starfish to make them beachy. I am putting one vase of each size on the tables surrounded by 5 or so votives. On the head table I will have 1 large vase and 2 small vases (head table made up of 3 long tables, a set of vases on each of the long tables) with votives surrounding them.

Cost = 7 large vase = $14
10 medium vase = $10
7-8 orchid stems = $32
17 floating candles = $17
36 votives (from Michaels) = $15
seashells = $5-10

GRAND TOTAL = $98 (high estimate)

That is less than $100 for 4 round tables and the head table!!!

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