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  1. Hey ladies!! Congrats to all the new brides.... I've had a few brides message me about Merrick Cousley and using him as a photographer but for some reason the site won't let me private message back so I figured I'd just make a post. In my opinion, Merrick is a WONDERFUL person to work with! Such a sweet and kind person, very professional and I loved my pictures and have gotten MANY comments on how awesome they look so I highly recommend him! Between my wedding day and the trash the dress he took almost 1700 pictures!!! And his prices are amazing, compared to many other photograph
  2. Hey girl, It sounds like you're all a little stressed and things aren't going the easiest with the wedding coordinators right now. I remember being there and I remember SOOO many things going wrong on the day that we had already planned out and thought would be perfect.... In the end we ate married, we can look back and laugh at some of the things we stressed about because overall, it wasn't just the day that we had to look back on, it was the whole week we had to make memories with family and friends. We got a link to a sneak peek if our wedding photos last night, they were done by Merrick co
  3. Hey Girls, I'm Back!! So i just wrote a big long message and some how exited out of the screen and lost it all. So i'm going to make this one short and sweet. Pros: Gorgeous Resort, and huge Friendly staff Spacious bedroom DELICIOUS FOOD Very Nice and sweet wedding coordinator (Chandlyn) #1 pool bartender = Henry Cons: Guests had to bring towels because of a consistent towel shortage No upgraded room (even though we were the bride and groom) Bartender for wedding reception = total waste of money DJ for ceremony and wedding reception = total dummy and total wa
  4. mekanabr, looking at your pictures makes me feel so much better!! We leave for Jamaica tomorrow night and one of our bridesmaids (my FI's only sister) just backed out of the wedding tonight!!! She's not going because her son caught a chest infection and he hasnt been feeling well the last 2 weeks but it got worse today so she decided to tell us 24 hours before we leave that her and her husband (who was also in the wedding) have decided that they aren't going to come. I"m mad and upset but yet I can't show it because it's my FI's nephew that's sick.... i'm so mixed up right now I'm down a bri
  5. Mekanabr, Congrats on your wedding!!! Thank you sooo much for all of the helpful information you gave! I leave 1am this Thursday morning and my wedding is one week from today, I got goosebumps reading your review because you have relieved so many of our fears and so much nervousness that now i'm actually excited!!!! You looked absolutely beautiful and I hope your day was everything you dreamed of. One question: Did you use Merrick Cousley?? if so, how did you find him? Thanks again!!!
  6. My FI is a big built guy and he said they fit a little big, not sloppy big but comfortable. Happy looking!
  7. I would try JCPenny, Their shipping isn't too bad and they carry a big range of sizes. I had the same problem in my wedding party and we ordered a suit for my FI and shirts and pants for the rest of the guys and the quality is excellent!!
  8. Daphodil, you must be getting excited now with time flying by, can I ask when your wedding day is? Mine is august 8, 2011 so I was just wondering if we'll be there the same time!!! I have 6 sleeps until we leave and 11 til the wedding!! Ive been so cool and collected up to this point but now my nerves are starting to set in (I think mostly because of excitement!)... I'm packed and ready to go already and have been up 430am every morning the last few days thinking and wondering if there's anything I'm missing! At this point the reviews dont bother me because I think if everyone tries to make
  9. I'm so sorry to hear for you girls and the big screw ups that have been made, i've had my share of screw ups by the wedding coordinators and my TA along the way so i really sympathize with you!! I really hope everything works out for you and that you get over this speed bump fast and on to planning the fun stuff with the relief of knowing everything is set for sure! I don't have much time left now, 32 days until the wedding and 28 until we leave for Jamaica... I'm excited and nervous at the same time... i think i'm stressing over nothing but it just feels like I need to stress about somet
  10. Hey Tris, I just wanted to say, your wedding pictures are absolutely AMAZING!!! I'm completely jealous of how photogenic you guys are You had an awesome photographer. I can only hope our pictures turn out half as good!! I do have a question for you thoughif you don't mind, where did you get Kai's suit? We are looking at ordering one for FI soon and cannot decide on what we both like but after sitting down together looking at your pictures we both agreed on the look of his suit. I love how you had the bright colored shirts on the guys and the bridesmaids dresses are gorgeous!!
  11. Hi, I am interested in 15 Mini Lint Roller (from target) 15 Mini Sunscreen To Go (SPF 30) 15 Beach Bags if they are still available Thanks
  12. No I don't think its a bad thought because I've been thinking the same thing!!! I think its ridiculous!! I did send Chandlyn our info form with our credit card number for the 25% deposit and said specified that i wanted to pay 25% of the $850 Unforgettable package in hopes that once she accepted it then she couldn't say anything about it. She did send back an email saying "Thank you for the information"... So i don't think that'll get me too far but i'm going to keep trying!!
  13. If you're waiting to hear from Merrick, he was out of Jamaica shooting a wedding in the US i think and was supposed to get his flight back yesterday but with the snow was expecting his flight would be delayed. Give it another day or so, hes usually quite quick with his responses!
  14. Thanks for the extra tip, I've been thinking about doing travel mugs but didn't really understand what all the hype about them was, now it makes sense! Seems like you wonderful time, now i'm even more excited!!!
  15. Hi Girls, I joined WW yesterday and am determined to get 15-20 pounds gone before my wedding in August. I kept saying i was going to join since after christmas and kept putting it off and making excuses but I finally took the leap and joined. Hopefully I get the same reasults you are all seeing!!!
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