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  1. Hey Everyone, I got married at Las Caletas in April and feel bad that I never came back on here to do a full review on how wonderful everything was, but I wanted to at least pass on one piece of information. Our photographer was AMAZING. His name is Bill Snellman of PhotoBS and came with us to Mexico from Minnesota to do our wedding. He really is phenominal and made our wedding day so relaxed. We had so much confidence that he was taking care of everything and the pictures proved he was taking care of it all. I can't recommend him more. Check out his website here http://www.photobs.com/ and check out our gallary HERE. If facebook is more your style you can check our pictures here http://www.facebook.com/#!/media/set/?set=a.342247619156486.76203.157899160924667&type=3 E-mail him! bill@photobs.com I hope you are all loving the wedding planning process, I really couldn't imagine getting married any other way Las Caletas is amazing, and if I got marriend a hundred times again I would hire Bill Snellman every time.
  2. You just have to go for it.....sorry I know that is tough!
  3. rbowman

    Unrealistic Weight loss expectations?

    Mandy it sounds like you have a wonderful attitude about this weight loss...good luck!
  4. rbowman

    Couch to 5k program

    I did it and it worked great...it was super easy to follow and I felt successful each day because each day was do-able.
  5. rbowman

    Any Laser Hair Removal Experiences?

    I have had my underarms done and it is truly some of the best money I have ever spent.
  6. Looks like you will be busy....happy DIYing