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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by colleenandclint I too love the escort cards. It looks like it is from a magazine. so beautiful. please let us know more about them. Thank ladies! I bought all my starfish off of ebay... i can't remember the vendor though, they were from Florida. I then bought the raffia from Michaels for the chair decorations. If you go to shorechic.com you can get all sorts of ideas! You can also buy them from their website, it is just MUCH cheaper to do it on your own. For the escort cards.. I bought the 4-5 inch finger starfish. I will attach the word document I us
  2. Just a note... we used their overlays, but honestly, they did not really fit the tables. The tables are all circular and the overlays are all squared... so they looked a bit odd. The overlay on our sweetheart table was too large! Not sure what size they were but the tables sat 8 comfortably and I think they were standard sized banquet tables.
  3. Here is the pool deck setup in the day. At night they add spot lights for lighting and the infinity pool light was also on! Here is our sweetheart table. The overlay was much too large for the table though. Here is a table setup. We went really simple in the end. I had more vases for each table but the wind prevented any candles from being lit, so it was pointless to use the other vases. It provided the simple touch we wanted. My husband loves Family Guy so I made these table numbers and bought seashell photo holders from Kohls to hold them up. Luckily, they were
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by jstock311 Hey Ladies, I've emailed Ana four times I think and she still hasn't gotten back to me so......I'm hoping one of you can! I'm going to have my invitations printed up very shortly but before I order them, I needed to know if I have to put the entree choices for my guests on the response cards. We are doing a sit down rather than the buffet with the Ultimate Package, and I know you have a choice of two entrees. Do they ask the guests at dinner which they would like or do I need to include it on the response card so the resort has that information
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by ap070680 Your review was so helpful thanks. Could you tell me what wedding package you did? We had the love package
  6. Here are some of the professional pics and the slide show they put together for you 19-06-10-drerc-hopp - hopp
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by WestBacaniWedding Oh yeah...questions: How many days in advance did you arrive to meet with Ana? And did she charge you to get the large group reservations at the El Patio? I arrived on Monday, met with Ana on Tuesday, and the wedding was on Saturday. There was no charge for El Patio... I cannot say enough about the service and entertainment at El Patio, it was unforgettable!!!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by AlisonJimmy Thank you for the amazing review Erica!! I can't wait to see your pics!! You made me feel more relaxed about my wedding in August! Did you have to ask for the upgrade or they offered? The package also says that the groom gets a room the night before the wedding. Did you get that? Ahhh.. I forgot to add that! Yes, he did get a room, but they gave it to him the day of the wedding... very pointless if you ask me! And, we had to ask for it so he had a place to get ready! I think had we asked the day before he would have got it then... so just as
  9. I should add one thing... I can't believe I forgot this... the one MAJOR ANNOYANCE during the wedding..... When my husband was walking with our guests to the ceremony site, 5 minutes before the wedding, he was approached by a Dreams employee and was given a wine list. They were trying to sell him upgraded wine for the reception! BEWARE OF THIS!! I can see a groom so anxious to get there that he just picks anything and does not notice it is an ADDITIONAL charge. I understand that they need to up sell things, however, in not way do I think it was acceptable for them to do this to him 5 mi
  10. Hello ladies! I am back from the GREATEST WEDDING EVER!!! Anyone doubting this resort... DON'T!!! I know Ana is a pain to get in contact with but in the end she really comes through!!! I have posted an insanely long review for all of you, and if you have any questions let me know on the thread! Now that the wedding is over I don't have time to spend on here going through every post to answer questions so if they are all on that thread I will be sure to answer them! I HUGE thank you to all you ladies who have made this experience easier because of your help and advice! I don't think my wedding
  11. Here is my review for Dreams Riviera Cancun  I have been waiting to right the review… it is almost as exciting as the planning! Ha ha!! Wedding Date: June 19, 2010 Flight to Cancun: We flew American Airlines from Chicago to Cancun and everything went very smoothly. I originally put my dress in the overhead bin and the flight attendant came by and told me that this was unacceptable for a wedding dress and she gladly hung it in the first class cabin… I thought that was very sweet of her!! However, traveling with a wedding dress is a definite pain in the a** when you already have
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by jpcmartin Relax, Relax, Relax. My FI and I just returned from a site visit during Memorial Day weekend. We were able to meet with Ana for 2 hours. Yes, we did have an appointment but she was extremely flexible. We ran into her several times while we were there and she gave us all the time we needed to ask questions. We also had difficulty with her responding but keep trying. While we were there we got to see 3 weddings and each were beautiful. In addition, we got to meet with several other couples recenlty or soon to be married there. It is a common complaint
  13. Oh... and the sound system for the ENTIRE reception is $303.... not bad at all, in case some of you are debating over the DJ. It is also an additional $198 for the ceremony, so $500 instead of $1200 with the DJ.
  14. Hey ladies! I am here at the resort and wanted to let you all know it is perfect!! All the stress over the last year was not worth it!!! I met with Ana this morning and everything is set for Saturday!!! She is amazing, she knows what she is doing. It is surprisingly slow around here, which is good for us. The best thing is the weather.. it is perfect, the breeze off the beach makes this place paradise!!! Just an FYI.... we did the Love package, are having 38 guests with no cocktail hour, using the resort photographer and iPOD, have 3 bridemaid bouquets and table overlays and the total wa
  15. UPDATE..... I leave in 6 short days for Mexico! I have the vases all packed up in one carry on... just a small pull suitcase that fits under the seat or in the overhead bin. I can fit 15 of the small vases in one suitcase and I simply packed them with clothes around them... it seems pretty safe! I will let you all know how it went when I return!
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