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  1. Hi VivaMéxico! I contacted her last year and it tooked me a lot to reply. I remember I had written her like 2-3 times to the mail that appears at her website and never got an answer until I did it thourgh Facebook and she replied me inmediatly. Have you tried that?
  3. Hi FutureMrsMcl, According to other brides are saying, planners will confirm your dare next May. Until now, you can pencil your date with your planner but it is not sure until you have payed the 300 usd for booking.
  4. Hello brides!! Congrats for your upcoming wedding!! I wanna introduce myself: My name is Carlota Fariña, and I am a Spanish former bride (last August). There, you will find a lot of information from former and upcoming brides. We only permit the access to brides (and grooms, too of course!) that are going to make the wedding or vow renewal there. This is very important because we want to share only our things with other brides. There are more than 60 brides right now talking and asking possible doubts as you have now. You will find documents (price lists, menus, palladium phone contacts and emails, and a long etc). You could read reviews of former brides, you can see videos and photos and a lot of ideas of other things. Hope to see you there soon girls!
  5. It depends on how wonderful you think they worked during your wedding. I had a fantastic planner and not only a simple employee at the resort. We gave her 250 usd. We also tipped to the waiters (40 usd each), the golf cart driver (20 usd), the women at the spa for our updo and make up but i cannot remember how many as it was my mom who tipped them. I also tipped to the photographer and videographer. But I repeat that this depends on how wonderful is the job, mainly when we are talking about the planner. The rest of them normally make a great job in all the weddings, right?
  6. Grand Palladium doesnt charge any fee for outside vendors of any type. It is not in Cancun though
  7. Yo creo que hay muchas pero algunas no han encontrado este post o directamente no conocen esta web Te casas pronto Lastminbride?
  8. HOla!!! Pues yo hace tanto tiempo que escribí aquí buscando encontrar un poquito de español en esta página web que al final mi boda ya fue! jejeje Yo me casé en la Riviera Maya también, el 6 de agosto pasado y fue espectacular, precioso, maravilloso y no pudo ser más perfecto! Tuvimos un buen día de sol pero no de excesivo calor. Vinieron invitados desde España (de donde yo soy) y de Italia (de donde es mi marido). Todos contrataron el viaje con una agencia de viajes española y todos se encontraron en Madrid para viajar juntos. Mi marido y yo nos fuimos unos días antes para entregar toda la documentación legal para el registro civil, análisis de sangre, etc. Los invitados estuvieron con nosotros durante una semana entera. Después de la boda al día siguiente se marcharon de vuelta para Europa y nosotros nos quedamos dos semanas más de luna de miel. La verdad es que la experiencia de hacer una boda de destino ha sido espectacular. Lo recomiendo mucho mucho y México es impresionante (yo ya era la 2ª vez que estaba). Ojalá pudiera volver a casarme otra vez allí!! jajaja Un recuerdo precioso para la posteridad. ¿En qué resort te casarás tú? ¿Qué tal van las preparaciones?
  9. We had 20 guests. Yes my planner was awesome but all the planners at the resort we got married make this. The wedding department doesnt charge anything for this and for example I had several other things made by her. She offered herself to collect sand from the beach of the resort for our ceremony sand (we wanted to have one of the sandd from there as a remembrance), she gave the oot bags to the lobby where we and my guests stayed so I didnt have to pay for the delivery to each room, she finished to make our starfishes for the seating cards and a big etc as we customized with several details our wedding.
  10. Shopnboard, My wc offered herself to make everything,, also with all the decorations we brang. This was completely free. I know that is how the wedding department makes. I dont think is "fair" they charge you sth... We tipped our planner as she was great with us, very hard working person, the wedding was perfectly organized and she was amazing during all the months of planning with her mails answering me in the same day or the day after. That is why we tipped her with 200 usd.
  11. Yes! And each time you need to "talk", write us here. it is good to have the opportunity to share this things with people that are planning a DW as you or that had the same situation than you.
  12. Tbasgall, I didnt travel with that vases! I just ask for them to my planner. She told me the resort had 3 different types and they didnt charge any money for them. I just traveled with the candels and fake fucsia orchids you can see at the pic. I saved a lot of money as I did use this for the appetizers & cocktails. I had others for the dinner (I hired an outside vendor flowershop).
  13. Hello LesasAC, I really sympathize with you because it happened the same to us when got married. It was quite depressing at the start because we had all the possible situations just as you mention! The worst for us was to be hardly critizied for the Thomas' parents... it is hard when it comes from a friend but coming from his parents was the worst. They told us we were insane and that they did not want to go to a crazy thing like that. They thought our decision was snob. They even told this "beautiful" things with the occasion of Thomas' birthday. They decided to go on holidays to other country during 3 weeks! So it was not a fact of money. The worst is to discover this kind of things while planning a wedding. So as it is supposed to have a beautiful planning and you must to be excited for this, make the same that we did. Forget about all this people. Best for you, this are not going to come to your wedding, you wont have to pay for them and you discover at the same time which are your real friends. Forget the complainings and the critics. You deserve sth better and dont deserve to think about people that cannot be happy for you. I know it is not easy, because it was not easy for us either, but repeat this to you every day, you will forget them and their behaviours sooner than you thought! Good luck and happy planning!
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