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  1. Hi, I used SPAzul for hair. I think they did a great job. I had height at the crown of my head, side swept hair, extensions, curled, with a rhinestone comb. I didn't bring pictures and I just monitored every move she made. My appointment was at 1pm and the ceremony was at 5. I thought I would have a lot of time, butit flew by. I did my mom's makeup and my own makeup which took a while. My girlfriend added individual false lashes which made a huge difference. I got dressed in the presidential suite with my friends and my husband got dressed in our other room. I ordered my flowers from Marvin - marvin@mayafloral.com. He has really great prices and he delivers the flowers to the hotel. I would suggest using him. Thank you. We wanted something substancial for our centerpieces. The flower petals were also from Marvin. We used them for the aisle and the tables with shells and giant pearls. My OOT bags were very expensive ( all of my female guests got Michael Kors and men got a cubavera linen shirt) along with a lot of other stuff. I opted against favors, but I bought little cake boxes so people could bring cake back to their rooms. Awesome that you live in DC! The only thing I am trying to sell are maybe some seashells and my "reception" dress that I didn't end up wearing. :-)
  2. My flowers from Marvin were pricier than what you would normally get. I had peonies in all of the centerpieces and bouquets. He charges $25 PER peony. I think our final bill was $900 for two bouquets, 4 boutineers, and five large centerpieces. I also had him give me 4-5 bags of rose petals for the aisle and the tables. He charged me $15 a bag. The flower centerpieces were huge but low enough so people could talk over them.
  3. I think if you have a wedding on the beach they provide them for you. The flower petals and everything else was mine.
  4. Hi, For dinner we had the Caesar Salad which is not an option on any of the menus. It was an extra $2 a person to add the Caesar Salad but it was amazing! So delicious...highly reccommend. For dinner we had two options- Chicken Florentine which was really good, and the Beef Tourendo with mushroom sauce. I had the potatoes au gratin for my first garnish and added a second garnish for another $2 per person. For Dessert I chose the cheesecake with chocolate and the tres leches wedding cake. I really enjoyed the wedding cake, but make sure to bring little cake boxes so people can take the cake to go! Honestly we looked into having a "rehearsal dinner" the night before the wedding, but they wanted to charge another $15 a person. Once you get your on-site wedding coordinator, talk to her about setting up reservations in advance. We had all of our reservations squared away for our group before I even got to the resort.
  5. I wrote my review on the Royal in Cancun http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/the-royal-in-cancun-all-inclusive-spa-resort/reviews/6287 Let me know if you have any questions!
  6. I posted my review of the Royal: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/the-royal-in-cancun-all-inclusive-spa-resort/reviews/6287 Sorry in advance for grammatical and spelling errors. I wanted to get it up quickly so I wouldn't forget!
  7. We were planning to have it outside but it was almost 100% chance of rain for after the ceremony. It was getting really gray during the cocktail hour outside, but overlooking the bay was very nice. It did pour that evening, but the room worked well. They have a full bar in there and the DJ set up a little dance floor area in the front near the bar. VERYYYY easy access to drinks! I have been to weddings and parties where the room isn't the right size for the group and it can feel very weird. Glad this room was available to us.
  8. The Real Club was a club room with lounge furniture and tables were set up for the reception. It is on the second floor of the resort across from room 229...which is the room we ended up staying in for the remainder of our trip. The pics don't really do the room justice but it was a great room for our size group. I think any of the ballrooms would have been too big and I didn't like that they don't really have windows in the ballrooms. Also the terrace off of the room is really nice for the cocktail hour. I am at work so I don't have the best pics available but here they are
  9. I wouldn't worry too much about those who do not RSVP. I wouldn't go after them trying to get an answer yes or no. I had a bunch of people not RSVP at all and guess what...to hell with them. We ended up having a group of 28..one guy dropped out last minute. ( I made him pay me back for his seat because I could not get my money back for his spot since I already made my final payment.) A DW is not supposed to be a huge affair with 100+ people. I think that unless you have a very large family or extremely well off friends anything under 45 people is average-sized. I thought 28 was going to be too small but it was a great size and we all had a blast! Try not to stress ladies. Everything works out for the best. I will say that ever since we have been back that NO ONE from HUBs side of the fam has congratulated us or msg us on facebook or text or ANYTHING. I think that is extremely rude considering we went to all of their weddings recently and brought very nice gifts for their crappy weddings. ( I mean plastic silverwear at a wedding reception??) A card with a nice note would have been very appropriate. Let's just say when I see them for the holidays I will not be pleasant.
  10. Here is my dress from my wedding day! Alfred Angelo 2117- I paid $650 dollars for it and I am SO happy I didn't spend a fortune!
  11. Hi! Just got back from my wedding and I am selling chiffon (sheer) chair ribbons and satin chair ribbons. I have about 30 of satin and 30 chiffon. Please let me know if you are interested. Would like to sell them for 80 cents each OBO. Thanks!
  12. I just got back from my wedding at the Royal in Cancun! If anyone has any questions please let me know. Small tip for those wanting a private reception with under 35 guests. I had 30 and we got married on the beach (I highly recommend- your pictures come out GOREGOUS with that blue ocean color). It was supposed to rain that evening so we moved our reception inside to the REAL Club on the second floor of the Royal Cancun. It was PERFECT for our size group. It has a great little terrace for a cocktail hour outside and then the dinner and party is set up inside. At first I really wanted my reception outside on a rooftop terrace, but really the A/C after being outside ALL the time was a blessing. I am glad it worked out the way it did but I just wanted to share because they never told me about the REAL club while I was planning. I would have chosen that option because ithas outdoor space overlooking the bay and an indoor space that is perfect for a smaller group. Let me know if you want to see any pictures of the room
  13. I also bought my austrian crystal hair comb off of ebay for around $15 usd. It was SO pretty and the bridal stores probably would have charged over $150 for something like that. If anyone wants info on it let me know. :-)
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