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bridesmaid dresses

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I had a hard time with the BM dresses, I wanted something cost efficient only bc my girls are spending a lot of money to come away with us... I was originally looking at twobirds bridesmaid dresses, which are stunning! but at the price of 270 I started researching for other options... i came across the exact same dress for only $40!!! I ordered a sample for myself to see if I liked it, and it works perfect

Here are the details: The dress is a convertible dress, so the BMs can wear it 12 different ways! the material is a beautiful and comes in a variety of colours,It rolls up so small (GREAT for travelling and suitcases, no wrinkles when unrolled) its a one size fits all and pretty much fail proof! the girls all tried it on and it looks amazing on the smaller girls as well as the bigger sized, I would definitly recommend this dress to all DWB's and I think its a definite "Wear again" dress!! the designer is elan USA and I purchase online at amazon.com for $40



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