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  1. It sounds like they were VERY meticulous too!!! I'm A LOT more laid back and go with the flow. I'm pretty sure that nothing is going to make me have a full on crying breakdown....haha! Let's hope! Just wanted to share the review.
  2. Not a very good review for Nicole on Trip Advisor - Just thought I'd share! Date of review: Apr 12, 2011 - New We planned my daughters wedding for the first week in April and had 28 people coming for the event. I am in a Regional position with a Hotel company so I understand and am empathetic to the challenges of the wedding coordinator position....but we were all disappointed with the Iberostar Rose Hall Suites wedding coordinator, Nicole Barnett. To make it easier on her and to insure details would be organized prior to arrival so we could relax and have fun once got there.....a few weeks prior to arrival we submitted meticulously detailed instructions, event orders, time lines, dinner reservation times, etc.for the wedding/reception and the group events we had planned over the 4 days and I seriously doubt she even looked at it....let alone made any effort to faciliate the Bride's wishes. We certainly understand mistakes happen and things get overlooked sometimes but it was something major everyday....with no apology offered or attempt to correct. Every encounter with Nicole was unprofessional and absolutely aggravating....so much so that the Bride completely broke down in tears the night before her wedding from shear frustration. Luckily we had a great, fun, efficient group who made the wedding and reception happen in spite of the wedding coordinator. Consensus is we would love to come back to Iberostar on vacation....but not for an event. The Star Friends...Kiki, Jukebox, Momo, Happy Feet are so talented and amazing and Klema who had a smile for us every day at the pool Bar kept things fun and interesting all day long. This is a great place to bring your whole family....the Star Friends keep the kids (big & small) entertained from morning till late at night. Such a beautiful property and location and a really great value......Just wouldn't do a wedding considering our experience. I would have given this hotel a 5 Star rating if not for our experience with Nicole.
  3. Nicole (oJustBeachyo) Iberostar Rose Hall Suites, Montego Bay May 2nd Leave in 25 Days! Tisha (TLGnhci) Azul Sensatori, Riviera Maya, Mexico May 2nd Leave in 27 days!! Angela Viva Wyndham Maya, Riviera Maya, Mexico May 3rd Leaves April 24th! Nemmerz Secrets Maroma, Rivieria Maya, Mexico May 5th Leaves in 30 days Cabs (Abby) Private villa, Anguilla May 5th Leaves in 21 days! Sunkisseddeams (Lisa) Dreams Riviera Cancun, Riviera May, Mexico May 6th Leave in 29 days!! Deanna(deannamarie85) Coral Cove Resort and Spa little Bay, Jamaica May 7th Leaves in 32 days! hwilley218(Heather) Sados Playacar, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico May 7th Leaves May 3rd- 29days Heidi (hmlicos) Dreams Tulum, Tulum Mexico May 12th Leaves in 35 days Danni (Dannis) Dreams Tulum, Tulum Mexico May 16th Tracy (tracyp) Dreams Puerto Aventuras May 16th Leaves 39 days Crystal (estesgurl) Dreams Puerto Aventuras May 16th Leaves 38 days Kennisha (Bride KSmith) Moon Palace, Cancun Mexico May 20th Leaves May 17th- 45 days!! Gingerpeach(Bev) Half Moon- Montego Bay-Jamaica May 21st Leaves in 47 days Michele (NurseM) Dreams Cancun, Cancun Mexico May 24th Leaves in 47 days!!!!! Tiffany (kitty25967) The Grand Palladium, Punta Cana, DR May 28th Leaves May 25th Melfaybik Azul Beach, Riviera Maya, Mexico May 28, 2011 Leaves in 52 days! Azadeh(cherazi) Dreams Los Cabos, Mexico May 13th Leaves in 33 days Maggie (maggieandjay) Azul Sensatori, Mexico May 15th Leaves in 35 days
  4. I have had FAST responses from the Flower Studio who the Iberostar used to use last year. I want to give up on Tai Flora - It's just getting RIDICULOUS! I just emailed Nicole to ask if I could have them be the florist for the hotel package as well. Sandra from Flower Studio said it wouldn't be a problem but I want to confirm with Nicole. Sandra Martin Flower Studio t/ 876.952.9512 www.flowerstudiojamaica.com smartin@flowerstudiojamaica.com
  5. Yes, in the Canadian stores they were $454 regular price and US I believe was $318 on sale for $189! Pretty Awesome!
  6. HEY LADIES! Can I be added to the list? MAY 2nd 2011 - Iberostar Rose Hall Suites!! THX!!!
  7. I SURE DID! I just checked and I don't see them on the site anymore! BOO! They really are spectacular! I would maybe call to see if they have any in the warehouse if you're really interested. I think the online description was "Flower Chiffon Long Halter - Coral Passion" Or the BCBG store might have some left on the sale rack!
  8. YIKES! Some sites you do and some sites you don't... When my 2 BM dresses came from BCBG in the states - total was around $400-ish the duty was $80!!! I've had to pay it when I've ordered from American Eagle too but it's always included at the end of the transaction so I don't pay it upon arrival. Hopefully you don't get a nasty surprise! If there was a message about having to pay the duty upon arrival I would prepare for the extra cost! My dresses came UPS.
  9. YOUR DRESS LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE MINE!!!!! (That is not my necklace...haha) I'm getting it made into a sweetheart top.. hence the clamp ; )
  10. I got stressed out reading that.... I can't imagine how aggravated you must be! Hang in there!!!!
  11. Tina, I'm SO glad you brought up the vendor fee!! I was also considering Loni for make-up and I never even THOUGHT about having to pay the vendor fee as well! EEEK! I was also thinking about getting an independant hair stylist... I sure wish one of my hair dresser friends were coming to the wedding!!!
  12. I just came accross this site and it is AWESOME! I gave them a call to find out about a hall I was interested in and John was a dream come true! So full of information!!! You can use the site to book various halls/check dates ONLINE too! They have really good information under "Free Advice for Planning the Perfect Party!" especially concerning the bar!!! They offer a ton of services! Catering, Bar (set up, liquor purchase AND staff!) Room Set up! Check it out! http://www.theeventcoordinators.com/ Lacey - Have you looked at Whitemud Creek? It's very nice - has a great fountain and outdoor area!
  13. I never realized Leefield was SO expensive in comparison to other halls....until today.... OH MY! I'm paying $600 for SATURDAY only! If I cancel now they will give my back $300 of my deposit. Our recption is currently booked for June 11th, 2011. I checked out Capilano hall - how many people are you having? It only has a capacity of 80! Nice deck though! I looked at OTS too. My dad catered a function there and said it was awesome! I'm just worried it's TOO big and will have to spend a fortune decorating to get the look/feel I want! I'm still looking around - I'll let you know if I find a gem! This site has been a good resource as par as capacity and facilities go... http://www.efcl.org/LeagueDirectory/tabid/120/Default.aspx
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