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  1. JHANKARLO PHOTOGRAPHY http://jhankarlophotography.com/ OUR WEDDING PHOTOS 900+!!! Jhankarlo was a photographer we met two years ago when we went to visit Mexico to pick a venue. While we were at our resort we saw there was a free photo session and we figured why not we’re going to use these photos for our engagement pictures. From the day we met him, it was an absolute pleasure! He was hilarious and made us feel so comfortable and genuinely an amazing guy. A few months later I got his name (it was a tough spelling) and I found him on facebook. He had at the time left the company that the hotel uses and I just knew I still had to have him regardless. For 2 yrs we stayed in contact on Facebook and a few months before the wedding he gave me a contract and we just went with the flow of things and he could’ve totally flaked and even without a deposit, but he didn’t. This is how sincere and genuine this guy is. He made an amazing package for me and the price, OMG, very fair, nothing ridiculous like what most companies charge. Jhankarlo came with an assistant and she was so sweet! We even met 2 days after at 6am near the hotel (we rented a car, since he doesn’t drive) for our Trash the Dress session. It had to be super early because he wanted to catch the sunrise. My photos are beautiful and speak for themselves. Did I mention he does underwater pictures? & has shot for Del Sol before? I loved him so much, I’d fly him over to the states if I ever have a big event again J Here are a few of our favorites.
  2. Here are my centerpieces by Eventos Euforia's team coordinated by Denise Courtney. The last pic is more true to color because they are black magic roses. different sizes/heights. Our sweetheart table.
  3. I don't regret lace whatsoever! It's classy & elegant! I wasn't hot in it, at all. I only had 2 layers of tulle, it had 2 extra when I first purchased it. Toward the end of the night with all the dancing and all, it did start getting a bit warm down under lol. but lucky me got her cycle the 2 days before the wedding =/ so my body temp might've been off. ALSO, I applied lotsa kama sutra suckling honey dust powder smells delish! Plus, I couldn't bustle the back- no one knew were the hooks were at and another might've ripped somewhere. So the weight of the dress might've added to the heat. Thank you for your kind words!
  4. Tres leches cake with a black magic rose glamelia as the topper. I selected coconut shavings for the outside so it would cover the icing (I saw some horrible iced cakes lol) Rented the acyrlic cake stand too... Tasted delish!!
  5. Wedding Chuppah by the wonderful Eventos Euforia team. My inspiration pictures are posted a few posts back.
  6. My wedding shoes were Bagdley Miscka.. 2nd pic isn't true to color but they were drenched lol It rained.
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