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  1. Do you have a Travel Agent you are working with?? I heard from Gina last week but my wedding is in January (SOOOO CLOSE...SOOO EXCITED!!!) I'm guessing they are SUPER busy right now!?!?
  2. That is awesome! That is exactly our plan!! It's interesting..the more you talk to Brides (and Groom's) the more you find our most do Legal at home... We are having a friend do our Ceremony..just not sure if he'll add the "signing" into his Ceremony or not. I'd like him to just to make it look as Legal as possible!!
  3. Anel's email is: drercphoto@vallarta-adventures.com I made sue to request Anel..ever sense she has been contacting me directly. She has been AMAZING to work with!! I wasn't sure which package to select (we have the Dreams of Love Wedding Package - I knew I'd want her longer than that)..we aren't doing a Rehearsal Dinner or a TTD Session, so she suggested what package would be best. She also had us change our Ceremony time from 4:30 to 4:00 due to lighting..our wedding is January 24th 2012.. I can't say enough about her..she is amazing and quick to respond!! Sarah
  4. If you don't mind me asking..what did you tip Anel? We are doing Full Coverage because we aren't doing a Rehearsal Dinner or a TTD Session. We also booked Anel..she has been amazing to work with even through email!! Thanks, Sarah
  5. Hi Rick... I have a few questions..if you don't mind! We are doing the Eggplant color as well - we are bringing down the Chair Bows because it is so much cheaper. I LOVE the fabric on the Gazebo..did you provide that or did the resort do that? I'm not sure I want the bows..but I love how the fabric wraps around! Could you tell me what the cost was? Also..did you have flowers on your Ceremony table?? Thanks SO much! Sarah
  6. Hello again! I just re-read your planning thread...we have recently decided to do the legal part in Michigan and do a Symbolic Ceremony in Mexico..we are also having our friend do the Ceremony in Mexico...can you tell me how this was run? Did he do the entire Ceremony..including the Sand Ceremony etc? Also...did you sign anything? We are not telling our family we are doing the legal part here so we want it to "look" legal. I think another Bride said even though it was a Symbolic Ceremony they did sign a faux Certificate during...did you? Thanks SO much for all your help! Sarah
  7. We will be putting our music on an iPod as well - just using the Technician & Sound System. We started to make a "Must Play List" and realized we wanted too much control over the music to pay $300/hour for the DJ. As it is we probably have enough music for 20 Receptions! For our dinner music we are playing songs by "Vitamin String Quartet" - it's a band that does Cover Songs with only String Instruments..it's unbelievably amazing!! We are going to have a BestMan be our MC..you figure it's only really announcing a few things..should be fairly easy. I'm not to worried about it...
  8. Hello!! I wanted to let you know - and ALL future brides we did go with Kim Grammer as our Travel Agent...she also works with a woman named Gail Oliver - they are an AMAZING team!! The best decision we made was switching to them...have been just wonderful!! THANK YOU pbjwed for referring them to us!! Our Wedding is January 24th, 2012! Coming SO fast!!
  9. I'm torn about makeup!! Do my own or have them do it???!?!?!?! Anybody have any thoughts? I've never liked my makeup when I've had it done but I've read a lot about Bridal makeup and it seems a little tricky..?? Has any past brides had their makeup done? I feel I could let them do it all except for mascara...I could do that myself..??
  10. Also..we are thinking of doing a three hour reception but having music and dancing for four hours. We don't really want to pay the extra hour for the Bar..seems a bit pricey when we are at an All-Inclusive. We figure we could slip one of the staff some cash to keep bringing us drinks..or send one of our guests to another bar to get more drinks..any thoughts???
  11. Hello! Is anybody just going to bring their own music instead of paying for the DJ? Or have any past brides done this? Any suggestions and/or comments on this idea? Thanks!!
  12. Hi!! Thanks SO much for the info!! I LOVE that idea!! Who was your MC? Did you have a DJ??
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