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After looking at Vdaybride's GORGEOUS boudoir photos...now I want some pics!! Does anyone have a seesion scheduled in the next few months (need time to lose a few pounds LOL) or does anyone want to try to put together one? Who do you guys use for NYC sessions?
Hi! I'd love to do this sometime in a few months as well! Let me know Danielle, I'd be interested in getting a session. :)

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Danielle if its around March 18th etc count me in as well let me know! Although i dont live in NY ill be there for the AHR for FI's family during this time cheesy.gif.. Ill also be there for 2 weeks in Mid April from probably the first till the 12th cheesy.gif.. So yayy! There's hope for me yet!

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Okay Ladies...I contacted Jennifer. Her prices seem fair and she offers a discount for 2 or more bookings....10% off for 3 or more bookings. 5% off for 2 bookings. If less than these amounts actually shoot...we do not get the discount. There is also a possibility of a credit towards purchasing an album if many more of us book. This is not written in stone.


Also...we do not all have to shoot on the same date or time. I also like that she shoots out of her home in Queens, N.Y...so we do not have to pay for a hotel room. She also already has some props such as feathers, long pearls, a football etc.


So...I will send each of you that expressed an interest a note. Send me your e-mail via PM and I will forward a copy of the e-mail I received from Jennifer to you. You are also free to contact her yourself if you have any questions.


I just would like to know who is in and whom books so that we can make the most of getting a discount and a possible credit.

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Okay, ladies, I've been checking around. PM all of your e-mail addresses so that I can forward on any info that I get?


Also, what sorts of packages exactly are you looking for? We may be able to get better deals if we strip away some of the stuff we don't need (like extra outfits or extra time) and a lot of photogs are flexible. How many of you think that you're likely to book if we can get a price better than $600?



Do all of you want hair and makeup included? (I do)

What about a hotel room vs studio vs someone's house? (hotel sounds like more fun to me, but I'm flexible)

How many outfits? (3-5 for me)

How long do you want the session? (1 1/2 hours-ish?)

How many shots included? (100 or so)

How many proofs? (Maybe 20?)

Do you want a book? (yes)

Photo retouching/airbrush? (YES!!)

Does it have to be in Manhattan? (For me, no.)

If not, how far would you be ok with? (I'm traveling from CT anyway, so I can go pretty much anywhere in the tri-state area)

When do you want to do the shoot? (I was thinking maybe in spring or summer at the earliest, but I won't need my book until April 2011, so I can go much later)



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Jennifer is great and you will definitely love the end product! I just finished my BD book on mypublisher and I got teary eyed lol. She does an amazing job..period!

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