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"Marriage Day" pictures!!!

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Thanks to EVERYONE for all your warm wishes and congratulations!!! Because we decided to keep the whole thing quiet (so that our wedding day is the "big day") it feels so good to be able to post the pictures and tell everyone on this forum!!! You guys are the absolute best smile123.gif

I want to write to each and every one of you for all your sweet and thoughtful words but then I would forget to go back to studying and fail my exam and be so sad!!!


Originally Posted by RAENJAY View Post
Congrats! Welcome to the married world.
Stephanie - congratulations on your legal and wedding day :) I just saw your pictures and they are sooo beautiful!


Originally Posted by Nrvsbride View Post
Congrats Galit! I love the pics they are so cute. And your dress is adorable. The blue tongue is def the best! thewave.gif


~ I didn't know you were studying for the bar. Kate (Lala), Merryme and I are also lawyers. Good luck with the bar studying, it sucks and I feel for you. smile27.gif

Glenda - thanks for the luck... I will need it! And yes, it definitely sucks... i would so rather be shots.gif


Originally Posted by DREA14369 View Post
Congratulations and great pictures!!!!


Was it only you two that went to the court and the person taking pics?


The reason I ask is because I'm having 10 friends come with us and my mom and maybe my aunt and then we are going out to dinner to have a mini celebration. LOL

Andrea- We are in Boston and our families are all in NY, so we decided to tell everyone that we wanted to do it alone to spare them the trip up here. I know if we had done it in NY that would NOT have been the case! It would have been nice for SOMEONE to be there iwth us, but in the end, it was kind of special because it was just us... By the way, we asked the justice of the peace to take those pictures (she is pretty much a pro given her line of duty)... you might want to check with our city hall - I know in Boston you are limited to 3 additional people

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