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  1. Hi everyone! Previous Cabo bride here, and we're looking to return in 2017 for a vow renewal and celebration. Just wanted to reintroduce myself and see if anyone else was/is planning something for their 10 year. I'm Stephanie, and we were married at the RIU Palace Cabo on June 23, 2007. I'm still in Charlotte. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Thanks everybody ~ Sorry I wasn't here to get all the wishes.... I do think of you all often though. Hope everybody is doing well. Congrats & Happy Anniversary wishes to all of you who where around my wedding day. Can you believe it's been a year?
  3. Hi, Welcome, Congrats & Happy Planning.
  4. Wow ~ everything looks amazing - I love your colors and your photos are fabulous.
  5. Lovely - absolutley lovely.... Glad you found THE gown.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by KACENGG Hi Kristen, Not to hijack this thread - but for those of you taking your IPODs for reception music, did you have to supply a docking station as well? I know they will set up the sound system for us but I'm not completely sure what I need to take with me to ensure the IPOD will work. Yes, they supply you with the docking stations, large speakers, and the microphone. We used my Ipod and it worked out great.
  7. I don't think they give anybody the upgrade - at least I've never heard of anybody getting it... We booked the 2 story suite for our stay for the wedding, and loved it. It was the last one on the end near the Mexican restaurant right near that gazebo. Very quite, great views, and I loved all the room that you had. We watched every wedding at the gazebo that week, and they were absolutely lovely. And yes, very private.
  8. The garden is sort of in the middle of the resort - yes, it's open the sky above, but you won't get a view of the ocean or anything. It's almost like it's down a few floors from the main lobby - so if you were stading in the lobby area, you could look down over the railing into the garden. Good luck with your planning.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by jilly76 And this will be our real guestbook. I'm going to make a scrapbook when we get home from our trip (never done this before, yikes) and these will go in the book with a picture of each couple and theres a place for them to write a note for us. Stephanie (raenjay) gave me the inspiration (& instructions) for these! Your guest book came out AWESOME! Great job!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by KACENGG stephanie, How was the food on the Mexican Terrace? Was it from the mexican restaurant? I am a big wimp when it comes to spicy food so we were planning on the beach reception because the food is from the steakhouse but from your review I obviously have some concerns. Also, did you do the bonfire (I thought you had for some reason). Was it worth it? When did you have it. THANKS - going to check out pictures now. Hi Kim! The food on the terrace wasn't too bad - they had a large selection of appetizers and things, and the overall menu had some pretty good choices. I did not think it was overly spicy - I didn't hear anybody say anything was too spicy. We did not do the bonfire - originally we were going to do it, but then just plain ran out of time. I really seemed to go by so fast. HTH!
  11. Welcome & Congrats! You will have so much fun at the RIU. Here are some links that you might find helpful: My wedding review: http://bestdestinationwedding.com/fo...23-2007-a.html General RIU Q&A thread: http://bestdestinationwedding.com/fo...ides-come.html
  12. For us, the middle package was plenty - we had originally thought the most expensive was the way to go but then changed our minds. I think you only get a couple spa treatments with the biggest package, and well we wouldn't have used them. I used an outside photographer, Adriana was never able to show me work of the resort photographer. The cake is pretty standard- although I think one bride did get an extra cake (more$$) because she had a lot of people.
  13. Here were mine: something new: Dress, veil, shoes, etc. something borrowed: a small purse from my mom something blue: the starfish in my bouquet something old: Jason's mom gave me a ring that was his baby ring - something to do with the church - I bobby pinned it in my hair.
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