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TTD session with Pierre Violle (riviera maya)

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Well first off, what else can I say that the photos don't already? Me and my hubby had a great experience with Pierre, and his assistant Juan Novelo. Not only was he very professional from the beginning, but he blew our expectations in every sense of the word when we finally got our pictures yesterday!! I hope you enjoy them, and I just can't say enough about how much I recommend him for anyone coming out to this area!! Affordable, and worth every penny, Pierre is a true artist, you will know what I'm talking about when you meet him. He knows what vision he has, and if you're willing to trust him, the pictures will do all the talking. Feel free to contact me with any questions you had regarding anything at all.


Just to give you a little picture, when we arrived to Riviera Maya, it was at the start of Hurricane Ida, and so the weather was less than stellar. The weather reports said it was rain the entire week. Not paying attention to the weather, Pierre contacted us to let us know that he could contact us until a day that was better weather, but it wasn't necessary. He was flexible, and I thought that was great! So thursday, one day before we left, we went to a very small cenote, not far from Xel ha. I thought it was ten times more gorgeous. Secluded, private, and just magical, I thought it was amazing! Waiting for the right lighting, we went to several different areas to take pictures around the cenote, on land, in water, and underwater ( not easy!) and it was a fun and good experience. His assistant Juan picked us up from our resort, which he was very pleasant and accommodating. He also had two female assistants there (or something of that nature) at that time, and they were also helpful, offering snacks and even something I could change under! I thought everything was thoughtfully played out, and more than I had ever expected. I'd definitely like to thank him and his assistant Juan for a wonderful experience we will always cherish!! Here are our pictures for you to experience! He truly is an artist that I hope you will choose him for your ttd session!! He isn't as familiar with this site, and that is why you may not have heard much from him, but I assure you that as I researched many different photographers, he is phenomenal!


trash the dress pictures by inspiredfyre - Photobucket


his website


Pierre Visual Studio - Wedding Photography- Mayan Riviera- Playa del Carmen - Home - Wedding Photographer

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Wow Sharon, those are amazing pictures! No kidding you're so happy! My fave is the B&W one with the mangrove roots. I don't know why, maybe because it's so different!

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