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  1. I had the shoes made from dousing bridal. I sent hem a picture and asked them to make them wedges. They give you a palatte to choose your exact color. They were super nice and the shoes are made well. The dress is a size 0 but because of the corset back I don't see why you couldn't make it wider to fit a size 2. I also want to add that I have some raffie fans for sale with fuchsia, lime green and turquoise ribbon. Im not too sure how many I have but it's over a dozen. I'd sell the for $10 plus shipping if anyone wants them. I'll add a picture soon.
  2. I am selling my size 0 wedding dress. I had it made from one of the China knock-off companies (giannar bridal). It has size 34B sewn in bra cups. I had a bustle added both an outside one and inside but I think the outside one broke. I am 5'7 and it was slightly too tall for me barefoot but perfect with a slightly tall flip flop. Here are a few pictures of the dress. Asking $80. Also I am selling my real touch bouquets. I may have a boutonniere or two that didn't get thrown out that I will also throw in. They are stargazer lilies with white and green cymbidium orchids. I made them myself and have extra flowers (orchids only) if anyone needs them or wants to make them for them self. see pictures. $50 for all bouquets and will throw in the boutonnieres I have left. If anyone is interested in the extra flowers I have left let me know and we can work something out. I also have wedges that I had made from a different China company. I ended up not wearing them but they are super cute. (EU size 37 US size 6.5) I paid $80 selling for $40. see picture. Prices are OBO and send me your address for shipping costs. I will only ship within the US. Feel free to send any questions! Thanks!
  3. I guess I should finally do a review! My wedding was October 23, 2010. I arrived at the resort on the 20th. Check-in (A) : Went decently smooth. We were greeted with cool towels and champagne. Originally the wouldn't give me the upgrade that I was promised but after talking with them I was upgraded from the deluxe garden view to the preferred club ocean view room. I was very happy with my room. Everyone I arrived with decided to upgrade as well and we all loved our rooms. Resort (A+) : BEAUTIFUL. The food was great (minus the Mexican theme night we did the first night we arrived), all the restaurants were wonderful. The drinks were good and the preferred club had great liquor just ask for the good stuff. My favorite drink was the watermelon mojito! I was always able to find an open chair or Cabana to that wasn't an issue when I was there. There weren't a ton of kids and the ones that were there weren't terribly loud. The beach was nice, no rocks to hurt your feet. There was a bunch or sea weed but it didn't distract too much from the beauty. The hobie cats were a blast to take out, I definitely recommend it. Overall I had a wonderful time. Initial Meeting with Gaby ( : Went well she had everything printed out that I requested and told me to give her my decorations and they would set them up for me. I tried to hand her a hard copy of my ceremony script and she told me it would be better to email it to her so she could email it to the officiant. I was fine with that and did so as soon as I returned to my room. I was able to mix and match SLIGHTLY the menu because we had a food allergy. She seemed to be on top of everything and I was grateful. My only complaint here is that Gaby is pretty cold. I would think that in her profession she would be more personable and she really isn't. But she does get majority of the job done. Hair and Make-up ( : I don't remember the name of the stylist but she was very nice. I brought a picture for my hair and tried to best explain what I wanted for my make-up. I am not super picky so I didn't care too much, but for those who do. BRING PICTURES!!! My hair was nice but not exactly what I wanted and I asked to go light on the make-up and she put more on than I have ever worn in my life and forgot the mascara! My bridesmaids touched up my makeup for me and by then I had already had an entire bottle of champagne so I didn't mind too much. ;-) Wedding (B+) : The afternoon started out rainy so I was worried but Gaby called to tell me that I would still be able to have my beach ceremony. Gaby was supposed to meet me in my room to walk me down to the ceremony site. She was a little late but nothing to get huffy about. I brought down own own music system and had my uncle run it for me and so that worked out wonderfully. Everything was set up beautifully and the weather held out just long enough for my ceremony. My only complaint is that apparently the officiant never got my wedding script!!! She started to speak and I VERY soon realized this was NOT the ceremony I spend time piecing together. It turned out fine and she ended up adding a small sand ceremony into it which was nice, it was just much shorter than mine (which my DH didn't mind at all). Another complaint is that she was very hard to understand. I really still have no clue what she was talking about and neither my husband or I could completely understand our vows so we kinda messed up saying them, but it just added some nice humor to the ceremony. After the ceremony we had a champagne toast and we did pictures on the beach. This is when either my mother or Gaby approached me and informed me that the Mexican trio had been in a car accident and would not be able to make the cocktail hour. Well my Mom was not thrilled about that and told Gaby she needed to figure it out and she pulled together a Caribbean trio that turned out amazing. I was supposed to have my cocktail hour on the Desires Terrace but because of the rain it was moved into the Desires Club. At that point I had drank plenty and was just having a great time. My guests got together and formed a limbo line to the Caribbean music and we had a great time. I didn't try all our appetizers but what I did have was good and everything was presented really nicely. I was supposed to have my reception (small party of 20) on the Jacuzzi deck but again because of the rain this was moved to the Oceania restaurant which I thought was ever nicer! I was very happy about the change. But again here there was another mishap... My menu was all wrong! I specifically ordered the sea bass because a lot of my guests don't eat red meat...well somehow most of my guests were given lamb so nobody really ate much. Additionally we were supposed to have a chocolate mousse with dinner and that never showed up. We did however order the tres leches cake, which was AMAZING! I highly recommend it. The only thing is there was so much left after everyone had a piece that I wanted to save it but that didn't end up happening. Overall I was happy with the wedding. The few mishaps that did occur didn't bring down my day. I had a blast and my guests loved it. I just think Gaby should pay a little more attention to the details. Photography (A): I used my photography for a day of activities on the beach and at a rehearsal dinner instead of at the ceremony because I had brought down my own photographer. I had Anel for these and she was super sweet and great to work with. The picture turned out nice and were a lot of fun. The photographer I brought down was Orn Thang. She did an amazing job and was super sweet to work with. You can see her blog here: http://www.ornthangblog.com/?p=1503 andhttp://www.ornthangblog.com/?p=1743 for my wedding and TTD pictures. Videography (A): Our video turned out nice. They didn't match up the songs I played during the ceremony but the ones they chose were very nice. It captured the feeling of the ceremony which I thought was great. It will definitely be something to watch and enjoy years from now. Overall I had a great time. I do recommend this resort to anyone. While I wasn't too impressed with Gaby others have said she is great. My wedding turned out beautiful so I guess that's all I can ask for. Good luck with planning everyone. Don't hesitate to ask any questions!
  4. http://www.ornthangblog.com/?p=1503 and http://www.ornthangblog.com/?p=1743
  5. Like everyone has said it definitely varies. My spring break was the last week of february/first week of March. But I know that other universities are all during March. Good luck and try to find a nice quiet resort away from night clubs to avoid it!
  6. If still available I'm interested in 35 scatter glitter starfish with a swarovski. $7 8 Jewel Bouquet Pins. $6 1 Jeweled Starfish Hair Pin $5 Thanks!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by nikkimadril I was told $180 for the ceremony and then $180 per hour after that. With the ceremony, the cocktail hour, and then a 2 hour reception that's $720. Seems ridiculous to me. This is the same information that Ana gave me. It is much too hard to pay that when I can pay for my own sound system for less than that.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by wisconsinbride2010 I just wanted to let everyone know that Ana e-mailed me today with the ceremony script. I can't download it though cause it's too big. let me know if anyone would like it! This is just the outline. I actually have the complete cermony I'd like the actual ceremony if you can either send it to me emmagaussoin@gmail.com or just post it on here. Thanks!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by nikkimadril Hmm...weight is 45 pounds and measurements are 22.5X19X15.2 inches. Height and width and weight is too large for Frontier as a carry-on. Boo. Bummer! Thanks for checking that out. I'm still on a hunt for the perfect ipod dock.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by nikkimadril How would you get this to Mexico? Carry-on or pack? I love this idea, especially because we are having an AHR and I can use this for both! I really liked it too and I'm sure I will use it again. I'm not quite sure how big it is (if I can carry on). I haven't bought it yet but I am definitely thinking about it because I don't want to pay for the DJ or the sounds system at the resort. I will check the measurements to see if it is small enough to carry on. From reviews it seems that the bose system may be too quiet for the beach. The reviews for the Ion system seem better. Good luck to you and I will let you know how things go if I do get it.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Laura22610 Just wanted to add ...DJ Doremixx (Ivan) is very good about playing songs that you request. I think he also can download a song that is requested during your reception if he doesn't have it. He is very good and professional! Our guests are still talking about the great music that he played! I originally was going to use my ipod and bring a sound system but with all the other stuff I was doing, I started to get really stressed about picking good music, making sure there were transitions between the songs, and then how it would be played. I am not super good with that stuff though . I was really happy in the end that I chose to have a DJ! Oh and the cold fireworks are AWESOME! I had the technician and sound system for the ceremony and the technician just played the CD that I provided. He also faded the songs so that they transitioned nicely. Not sure how involved he would be at the reception though? Thanks for the info. That is good to know that they do play the songs you like. I'm sure everyone would love a DJ too but I just can't afford it. I am stretching just upgrading my wedding package. I do love the idea of the fireworks. We will see, maybe I will fall into some money randomly.
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by JD Hall Wedding What kind of sound quality? Are you just going to have a guest keep charge of the shuffleing of music and annoucements? I haven't bought the system yet but the reviews look very good. I have discussed with a few of my guests to grab the mic and make announcements as needed. The wedding party has agreed. This will only be needed for speeches and such. I was planning on just making a playlist and knowing which songs to listen for that proceed an announcement time. I just think it is silly to pay for a sound system there. I may end up doing that if the tech is really that helpful though. I would also like to have a DJ but I cannot find that sort of money in my budget. It is nice to know that they provide the cold fireworks. I thought that was an additional cost. I have read some reviews that the DJ often does not provide the songs that you request. My FI is picky with music so I'm sure he doesn't want to pay for something that he won't enjoy. Good luck to everyone.
  13. I think I am going to buy this or something of the sort because I just can't see paying that much per hour to rent their sound system. Just another suggestion to you guys. Amazon.com: Ion Audio iPA03 Portable PA System with iPod Docking Adapter: Electronics
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