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Photography update-who are you using?

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I was just wondering which photographers you decided to go with and if any of you selected an 8 hour package (with around 250+ photos to choose from). If so, do you mind sharing their prices/quotes with me!



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Hey! I had Leigh Miller - BluDomain, BluDomainhosting, Bluedomain, photography websites I hired her a while ago, and I know her prices have changed at least once since then - so not sure what her current rates are now! As for the package - it was at least 8 hours on the day of the wedding, and a couple the day before and after as well. She lives in S. California!

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I've hired a US photog who is travelling with us (bringing a 2nd photog as well) and shooting the entire day of the wedding as well as a day-after shoot for our TTD. $4000 for everything, including travel and accomodations and a slideshow, hi-res CD and 150 printed pics.

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