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  1. we will be staying at Fiesta Americana. I'll have to check if they have a fee for non guests...didnt think of that.How much is that typically , $10? I do like the margaritas and beer idea
  2. I am going to have a rehearsal dinner for FI and I, our parents, bridal party and their spouses (about 20 people) but I wanted to have something for the rest of our guests too, I was thinking a cocktail party following the RD, where we would have drinks and hand out the welcome bags. Im really trying to watch the budget, so Im wondering what the best option is for the cocktail party. Our hotel? Will they be cool with 50-60 people just hanging out there?(Not everyone will be staying there) or just pick a bar? Should I reserve a place? Is it expected that we provide drinks or do guests buy as they drink? aagghh!! Any advice?
  3. Sat: 7:00pm Rehearsal dinner for parents, bridal party and spouses 9:00pm Cocktail party for guests, distribute welcome bags Sun: 9:00-1:00pm Optional group canopy tour Mon: 4:00-11:30pm Wedding/reception Tues:Brunch (if in the budget)
  4. I would be interested in the pattern as well. Id love to try to make these for myself and my BM's! Do you just use a clasp behind the heel? thanks!!
  5. I just got mine in the mail yesterday. They're nice- and bonus they dont stink! Yay!
  6. our website is on the STD's. but I wasnt sure about sending out the invites right after the STD's. I was thinking Jan 1st? Im not really sure when its "appropriate".
  7. oooooh I plan on sending reminder postcards. I was going to print them myself, but the back of the glossy photo paper has the brand stamped all over the back! (I Tried Kodak and HP paper) what to do? I guess kinkos is it then? Do you remember how much kinkos was per postcard? did you make yours in word or printshop?
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by carlymcmullen I just bought 50 and figured I would figure out the distribution later. I know my dad would use a fan if he was hot, so I didn't want to only get enough for the woman. But we'll see how many people end up coming and how much $ I feel like spending later... I was thinking of leaving them in a little bucket at the end of the aisles or something liek that. I just bought 50 off of the knot (79 cents each) plus $10 for shipping. they should be arriving any day. My plan is to leave them in a basket at the welcome/guestbook table. Im not sure how many guests we are going to have yet, but my best guess is about 50. I got the now because 79 cents was too good to pass up!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by Susan101207 Well, we leave in 9 days!!! Last night I had a marathon session w/ a few of my BMs to finish up all the DIY projects. Thought I'd share: What started it all: a mountain-top proposal and the ring: The dress (before alterations): The BMs dresses (some are strapless, some are halter style): more to come... Susan Your dress is gorgeous!! Can I ask who the designer is?
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by NISSI I am inviting over 100 guests. I have been reading up on destination weddings - experts say to expect about 60-70% of guests to actually go. wow 60-70%. I never thought it was that high. we invited 150, just sent out the STD's 2 weeks ago, have NO idea how many people will come. at least 20 for sure, but so far no one is RSVPing on our website. when will people actually start doing this? Im impatient!
  11. Im going to use Robin Depaula (shes on the forum). I know Aldo Tovar and Cooper Carras are also great choices.
  12. How about a welcome brunch? Has anyone priced or had a welcome brunch instead of dinner? It seems like it would be more affordable anyways?
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