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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by mitchell.johanna Thanks for directing me to this thread, Maura. I'm definitely interested in meeting all the Chicago brides. Count me in for the get-together on March 8th. Looks like you gals have been trying to set this up for awhile... Great! Looking forward to it. So this is going to be a final date (hopefully)!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by jean-marcus hahah that joke is sooo something my dad would tell. your dad and my dad should hang out. heres my fave joke "whats got 9 arms and kicks ass?" Def Leppard (only the really cool kids will get that joke) yeaaaaaa... I've never been the "cool kid."
  3. When hubby comes home and asks you what you accomplished all day... with that look, and you just smile.
  4. So cute! Thanks Ann! I'm going to send these out in an email.
  5. I sent our hotel a wire transfer to their bank in Miami... it made me feel better knowing it was in Miami. I just got all the necessary docuementation and I will say the one thing I insisted is in the "notes" section of the wire transfer I had Our names obviously, our event, the date, and the contact person responsible for our booking. I also sent our group rep a copy of the confirmation.. but, blacked out the routing and bank acct number. Just get all the necessary info.. and it should be okay.
  6. CONGRATS!!! I know that feeling... like a weight lifted off your sholders. Oh and love that AMEX! If anything (God Forbide) should happen with your booking, any refund etc.. you will be soooo protected!
  7. We got married at the main Church in Playa. BUT from what we understood it wasn't legal.. so this is the first time I'm hearing this. Our legal marriage took place in Vegas. Please keep us posted I would be curious to see if this is really true.
  8. HAHA. I love them. I have to share these with DH! Thank you!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by mauraw no problem lori. i can do 2nd week of march. and monika, i would much rather let you rest than have you show up feeling crummy! let's say march 8th at 7 pm. anyone else wanna join us? That sounds good! Thank you for thinking of me.
  10. May everyones Valentines Day be filled with Love.. and great you know what
  11. Stephanie, WOW! Very very pretty! You've inspired me to go for it! Maybe as an aniversary gift.
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by mauraw haha does everybody just wanna reschedule for early March? like maybe the second weekend? it will be more fun if more people can go........ Yea.. it would be nice if more people could join us. Like I said I'll make it on Fri if you girls still want. I may be late. But, if we can get more people to committ for March then maybe we should swicth it. How may people would like/can make it the Second Week of March?? (i can)
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by mauraw does friday night work better for anyone else? i can do either friday or saturday, no big deal to me. monika what about you? Sorry I didn't see this sooner. I'm having a small procedure done Friday at 4pm. I don't know how its going to effect me.. doc said I should be fine with some aspirin. Soooo I really don't know how I'm going to feel. I just found out about it and Fri is the only day she could see me. She's pretty booked up. I really hate to say "Yes" and then cancel last minute because of it... but then again if I feel bad then I'm going to feel bad the next day. I'll try to make it on Friday. I may be alittle late depending upon the timeframe. So sure Friday is okay.
  14. Some of my guests went to Marketplace 5. I actually sent them there upon hearing it from one of the guests at our hotel who goes to Cancun for shopping often... she said its one of the best places for bargins. My MIL actually went and bought jewerly there but you need to bargin or bring someone with you who is a great barginer. Apparently there's a lot of stuff you can buy from clothes, jewerly, nick nacks etc.
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by tvt so for all you girls that had custom rings made how did you find a place? (i knew a place in MN.... but in AZ i know nothing ) well i guess i know how to find a place, but how do you decide which place to use? I would assume it would be hard to compare prices and quality... In Chicago there is a street that is all wholesale jewelers... ironically it was located right by my school so either before class or after or on the weekends I would just go through each building and talk to the sales ppl or owners and get quotes... some were quite shady like I said and required that they keep my e-ring so they could measure it. I just basically did my own research on how much the diamonds would be (through B-Nile) and how much they we're offering me. The quotes ranged SIGNIFICANTLY to the point that I was so frustrated because I didn't know what was reasonable. Anyway, I just happened to stumble upon my current jeweler and he was extremely nice, and fair and his quotes were the lowest of the low while the quality was very nice. I would search online, maybe use google business search for your area. There must be a wholesale place you can go to... I know DH aunt has a winter home in AZ (fountian Hills) and she always buys jewelery. But sorry they are in Hawaii for 2 weeks so I can't ask. She came home once with what must be a 3 carat diamond (kinda bad quality and cloudy..ouch sorry but true). I don't know if Fountain Hills is too far away from you but when she get's back I will be happy to ask her.
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