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  1. The dress is on sale, for $400 USD ... please contact me if you are interested! thank you!!!
  2. there is a wonderful romantic place called Holbox , we stayed at Casa Las Tortugas for our mini honeymoon after our legal weddding in March and we had such a wonderful time, the place is gorgeous! Â http://www.holboxcasalastortugas.com/ Â
  3. Hello BDW,  Wondering how long should be the veil, I will be marrying in a Church and then having an small reception but want to wear one long veil for the Ceremony and then a short veil for reception or just the headpiece... but can’t decide on the length. any suggestions? my dress has a cathedral train but I am 5'1 or 5'5 with heels... ... pls let me know what you suggest. Â
  4. Here are mines! Loooove them!!! got them @ www.myglassslipper.com ,I recommend them a lot, super service! Also since they have the insole in blue, I dont have to worry about my something blue!!! Â
  5. Wow, the place and the surprise was amazing, and a wonderuful romantic engagement! congrats and welcome!
  6. Cabo, Vallarta, Huatulco and other places in the pacific of Mexico have turtle release programs from end of August-October. I just saw a Dreams ad from Cabo and Vallarta about this...
  7. The resort had several nests on its premises, so we were relaxing at the pool right before dusk and called us to help... so much better, we had it for free! Â
  8. Yes, and it feels amazing taking the little turtles in your hands and releasing at water. An incredible experience!
  9. Hi:  I am selling my dress is a Madeline Gardner model aphrodite in ivory, new with tags! I picked up from the bridal store and its at home waiting to be used. Is a very light and lovely dress for a beach wedding. I changed my venue and cant be used anymore so I have to sell it so I can get my new one!,  Fabric is silk crunched organza and is very flattering due the upper part construction of the dress, makes you a tiny waist! Has some beaded detail at front, at the waist and at the gather in the skirt. Is much much beautiful in person. I paid $1250 USD and asking $800 OBO.  Please contact me for more details. Edna  Â
  10. I am using garter and doing the toss, but here in Mexico we have the friends of the Groom to "cover" the bride taking arms close and dancing around the bride and groom when he is taking the garter, so not too much things to show .
  11. edna


    Thank you all for the welcome! cant wait to tell you all the details of the planning! Â
  12. edna


    Hi BDW!!! I am back, I missed you!!! I found the most wonderful man on December 2009 , we got legally married in March 3 months after we met the ceremony and every moment of our life together has been magical, and my life has changed totally for good obviously. We bought a new house and we are living there since July... so we are starting with the planning for our wedding ( Catholic Ceremony and Reception) in March 2011...sadly we couldn't do it at the beach but we are doing it locally in our hometown, is a Mezcaleria and is a very unusual place for weddings but looks very chic and fun.. I am so excited... I will be around and so glad to be here again!!! Edna PS. profile pic is from our legal wedding day!
  13. Hi try Prisar, they are always doing weddings at the Mayan, they are really good providers! good luck!
  14. Is there any wall you can use to avoid the screen and hire the speaker / sound system , that might work
  15. Yes is important to remember we need to use SB even in a taxy or a van, I have seen the most crazy people driving them!!! Glad you are safe!!!
  16. The road has been improved, so I think is 45 minutes in a car or 1 hour in the shuttle... if you go in the bus will be a little bit longer...
  17. I decided on the Valentine due the color on the Olivia, because I called and they told me, the white are white as paper and the ivory are more on the tan side, so I ordered Valentine and were perfect match to my dress!!! I will post images as soon as I download them... Oh and I ordered on myglasssliper.com , wonderful service the lady even got in to the WHS to check physically the color of both pairs! and she sent them overnight on Friday even they said it was not possible on their web page! I highgly recommend them!!!
  18. My plan was to use color shoes in deep orange but never got any I liked just one pair at UK pretty expensive already so paying for them and shipping was not an option . So I went with a pretty pair of ivory shoes that I really like and I will incorporate color in other stuff. Good Luck on your orange search!!!!
  19. Quote: Originally Posted by alkoch Jess - I emailed them this week, If you don't mind I have some questions about the church: How have they been to work with? I just read that some churches don't allow sleeveless dresses- did you have that problem? Also were you able to pick your readings (or who read the readings) Are you doing a rehearsal? And if you don't mind me asking how much is it for a wedding there? Thanks! The shoulders is not a rule, I have been in several weddings and all the brides were having strapless or straps, so shoulders where shown.. don't worry just keep your cleavage cover. The readings can be chosen if you are not getting married at the latest mass on Saturday or any mass on Sundays.. you can prepare your ceremony program and ask the Priest to follow it... just keep an eye on all the details. I have a Program in Spanish if someone is interested. I am also getting married at Maria Reina de la Paz , they are very flexible and easy to work with...
  20. I love yellow as accent with black and white damask.. this is a great inspiration post Mishka! thank you !!!!!!
  21. Awesome pics, there one of you dancing is my favorite!!! I love Fer's work! I am always referring him to my friends and family, he is very very talented!
  22. I found a pic from a bride wearing the shoes, she ordered ivory but look like more in the champagne color than ivory... my dress is very light ivory. Should I order white? Eek!!! My wedding shoes! Martinez Valero Olivia - Diamond Jewelry Forums Also the same question for Valentine white or ivory?
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