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I am SO JEALOUS@!!~ Those are stunning and vivid and everything someone could hope for! You're making me rethink my whole course of action ladies, and I don't like you for that! lol wink.gif

Seriously though, Rebecca seems to do impeccable work. When I lurk through the forums and see her stuff it makes my jaw drop every time. Gorgeous, your guests will love them! Please invite me so I can have a copy of your invitation? lol

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DAMARIS!!!! They're magnificent....and I absolutely agree that Rebecca is phenomenal to work with, as well! She did my logo-based RSVP postcards (I'll be posting my entire invitation kit pretty soon - still have one or two finishing touches!), and I am 100% satisfied with how everything turned out!


CONGRATS -- you're guests will be tickled to get them!

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