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  1. Thanks asbarret and Woodsylou for the information. I will pass it along to her. Good Luck and Have fun on your upcoming destination weddings!
  2. Hello Moon Palace Brides, My best friend is looking to get married at the Moon Palace in May/June 2011. I know that there are many different options and packages to choose from, but could you all give me a round about budget for how much you are spending at the Moon Palace for your destination wedding? Thanks.
  3. nolabride10

    Moon Palace review -2nd June 2010

    Thanks for the helpful review
  4. nolabride10

    Customs question for TA's

    Thanks for the info
  5. I introduced myself quite a while back, however it was during the large influx of new brides and I have not posted since. However, I have followed the forum quite frequently and wanted to thank everyone for sharing their experiences, they have been extremely helpful throughout my planning and have usually answered my questions/concerns before they were asked. Sammysgirl- Less than 1 week away, that is so exciting! That's a bummer about your hair, have faith I have seen many disasters turnout okay after waiting a few days then going through a second process. Is this the first time you have gone blonde with this hairdresser? I am a little nervous too about my hair appointment being 4 days prior to us leaving because the best made plans can still have bumps in the road, however I have been going to the same hairdresser for more than 5 years and I am sure things will be fine. I can’t wait to hear you review on the mariachi band. I am undecided on the music for the ceremony and cocktail hour. Wanted to ask past/current RPRM brides if they shipped any favors or décor to Playa del Carmen for the wedding or asked Ael’s opinion about it? Anyone have pictures of Chili’s where the semi-private reception dinner is held? Just wanted to get a better idea about the décor and how much/little I should add to it. Odd question but does anyone know (past brides) if the ceremony chair backs are made from metal? It looks like a standard metal folding chair in the pictures I have seen where you can see them through the white chair cover. I was just wondering because I wanted to make these hanging starfish for the aisle chairs and was thinking of another way to secure them besides the raffia.
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    Looking for quality Starfish and Seashells?

    I also love this idea, Thanks for sharing the site Island Bride.
  7. nolabride10

    Cancun Key Card Holder!

    You are very smart and creative to get the oversized postcards and make both the key holder insert and a bookmark. Great idea, thanks for sharing!
  8. While searching for starfish jewelry I came across this jewelry designer named Megan Shannon who has a unique collection of jewelry, custom designed & handmade. She has beautiful starfish jewelry and other necklaces on her website: Designs by Travelmeg - Starfish Jewelry I am ordering some of her Keishi pearl pieces with the starfish, so far the coustomer service has been great. Below are two of the additional pictures that she sent me via email, you can visit my photobucket album for the additional ones. http://s1037.photobucket.com/albums/...Meg%20Jewelry/ Just wanted to share my find.
  9. I love the hangover kit idea, very cute!
  10. Hi RIU Brides! I have been following this forum for a few months now and have found this thread very informative. I was always set on a destination wedding and this thread help me with choosing the location/resort. We are getting married June 10,2010 at the gazebo. I am so excited! Thanks to all the past RIU brides who have shared their experiences. I look forward to the rest of planning process and sharing information with the fellow RIU brides along the way.
  11. This is an awesome idea, thanks for sharing!