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    Eat, Drink, and Be Married T-shirts

  2. I made these T-shirts with VistaPrint. They say "Eat Drink and Be Married." And there are matching bride and groom t-shirts. The Bride shirt is a size medium and the groom is a large. Free to a good home, just pay shipping. Let me know your zip and I will check the shipping cost. We got lots of compliments on them! I have no idea why the image is upside down. Obviously, it's NOT printed like that on the shirt!
  3. cruisebride0410

    Fans, Garter, Photo Cards

    For sale from my beach wedding. PM me if you want anything! Happy Wedding Planning! 18 Raffia fans with handles decorated in pink, orange, and teal ribbon $8 plus shipping. These are from Oriental Trading they vary in size but they are about 10 inches. Garter with seashell embellishment. Never worn. $2 and shipping Photo Sharing Cards from VistaPrint - FREE! Just pay shipping cost. I have like 60 of these, The back has instructions for posting to my Flickr account, but you could easily mount these on a piece of cardstock with directions for your photo sharing site.
  4. Last weekend I had a kitchen shower and got lots of awesome stuff for our new kitchen. My fiance and I took this picture to include in our thank you cards. We used the kitchen utensils we got to spell out Thanks and then took a picture using a tiny tripod with a ladder. I think it came out cute. (I didn't realize until we put the ladder away that my finace have a beer in the background - oh well!)
  5. cruisebride0410

    Pre-wedding Sale! Lots of stuff!!!!

    I'll take all 40 of the travel mugs. Where did you get those? I really like them!
  6. cruisebride0410

    RSVP reminders for Destination Cruise Wedding

    I stole this wording from another bride on this Web site. It motivated a lot of my guests to go ahead and book their cabins. This is just a quick reminder that now is the time to book your wonderful dream cruise vacation! Of course, while at port in Nassau, as a bonus, you’ll get to witness the beautiful wedding of Mandy and Micah. Carnival has extended our deadline date until September 25 to make your reservation and put down a $50 or $100 deposit per person (based on whether you choose the group or early saver rate). We hope to see you on board!
  7. cruisebride0410

    Ft Myer Bar Hopping For Reception

    There are tons of bars along Fort Myers Beach and you can literally walk along the beach between them - it's an awesome place for a bar crawl. Lani Kai is a huge hotel that has a great bar and a lot of beachfront tables to enjoy your drinks - it would be a good starting place. The bar right next to it has live music sometimes. If you are there before the sun goes down - there is a cool bar across the street on the second floor. The options are endless ... Have fuN! Sanibel is beautiful too!!
  8. They look awesome! I love the shiny paper! Your guests will love them!!
  9. cruisebride0410

    April 2010 Brides - 6 Month Update

    **How do you make a raffia fan? Done: - Booked coordinator in Bahamas - Have wedding dress and shoes (dyed to match) in my closet and they fit! - Have 50 guests booked on the Carnival Sensation cruise - Started designing passport invitations - Booked cocktail party for the first night on the cruise - Bridemaids have their dresses To Do - Find attire for groom, best man, father of the bride - Finalize and send invites - Put together OOT bags - I love collecting ideas though! - Tighten my ads!
  10. cruisebride0410

    Poop Deck Restaurant - Nassau

    Thanks for sharing the pictures - the patio looks perfect for a reception! I love the bright color of the restaurant and the sea oats and ocean behind! I am super excited for my wedding there now! My wedding coordinators are with Weddings In the Bahamas. I really like working with them - they are very prompt in answering any of my questions and their prices are very reasonable.
  11. cruisebride0410

    Wedding dates and kids?

    I'm a teacher and I can definitely say missing a few days of school right before Christmas break is no big deal. Parents pull their kids out of school all the time around the holidays. With kindergarten and 2nd graders especially, they aren't missing any big tests or project deadlines - they might miss their class holiday party, but that would be all. I think you should leave your date as is if it's the best fit for your budget.
  12. Awesome job on both projects! Bonus points for getting the fiance involved!!