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  1. How did I not see this in the past! I'm 8 days out and after d/l to see what I might have missed. So glad I did. Forgot all about insuring the rings!!!!! Thanks a bunch.
  2. I picked the first dress. I love my Mori Lee dress. It feels so comfortable. I ordered mine in a petite so you might want to see if that is an option or you.
  3. I think the dress looks great on you and I have a thing for asymmetric dresses. You should get a pic w/ out the strap and see what that looks like as well. I often found that I liked them w/ out the strap better. But I'd have to see the pics to be sure. Either way, you look great iphone and a gazillion dresses later.
  4. I understand how that could hurt you and make you ask yourself questions. What he said really stinks. All that matters is that you had a great wedding, and you did what you wanted to do for the big day. I would rather have a cloudy day beach wedding w/ dark pictures than have amazing pictures from a stuffy church and reception hall. Blah - BORING! Photographers and Photoshop can do some amazing work to get you your amazing pictures so don't worry.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by merocket59 Here is what I did for my RSVPs, I like yours but feel free to steal any of my wording it's a combination of things from different sites.............. Thanks soooo much for your suggestions!!!! I LOVE what you came up w/ for the Reception details. I needed something with more spunk. I really appreciate your response.
  6. Hey Ladies, Since you all are so excellent at providing information and suggestions I figured I'd ask for your advice. I have decided to DIY my pocketfold invitations but now I'm stuck on the wording for my reception insert and my RSVP. Writing has never been a strong point for me and I always fiddle around and question myself a LOT. I would love to hear any suggestions and opinions. Thanks in advance for your help. Background: We are getting married on the beach. There will be cake and cocktails (for about 45 min) at the beach after the ceremony. Afterward we will get back on the shuttles to our cruise ship where we will have dinner at one of the restaurants. We will decide what to do after dinner that day as we will have to see what's going on for entertainment on the cruise ship. We will also have a casual at home reception in September. We have not set a date for this and don't have all the details yet. Here's the wording: Reception Insert: Bermuda: Immediately following the wedding there will be cake and drinks on the beach. Transportation will take us back to the cruise ship where we will have dinner. Charlotte: There will be a casual celebration in September after the wedding. More details will be sent if you are interested in attending. RSVP Insert: Please respond by May 15, 2010 Name(s):__________________________________ ___________________________________________ ___Looking forward to cruising to your wedding ___Can’t make the cruise. Please send information about the celebration in Charlotte ___Won’t be able to attend either event Thanks again for your help.
  7. My fiance has wanted to get married on a beach in Bermuda ever since the first time he visited.
  8. I purchased 100 of the discontinued Natural Cream Linen A7 Himalaya Pocketfolds and envelopes. Since they were discontinued, I was able to get 50 Pocketfolds for only $29.99 and 50 envelopes for $7.99. What a deal! I'm very satisfied with the quality and the service from them. It only took 3 days to get my samples and just under a week to get my complete order.
  9. So many great ideas and helpful links!!! Thank you soooo much! Everything looked AWESOME!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by amybermuda You are right. The blues in Bermuda are much more aqua. They are only deeper blue outside of the reef. Did you see Stonehole Bay when you came here? It was probably after the hurricane and there were more rocks showing than normal. I bet the sand will all be back by your wedding date. The sapphire color will be perfect compliment to the pink! We did visit Stonehole and LOVED it. It's gonna be a great place to get married. Church Bay had some really cool exposed rocks. It's hard to believe how much impact hurricanes have on beaches.
  11. We went to Bermuda in mid-October to do some planning and research for the wedding. There were several south shore beaches we wanted to check out in the search for our perfect beach. Well, we found it!!!! Woohoo! The first beach we checked out was Stonehole Bay and we knew this was THE place. There is a winding road leading down to the parking lot and from there a winding trail down to the beach. Here are a bunch of pictures, starting from the entry and ending down at the beach.
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