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  1. Sorry guys, I got messages from bnbrmy just as we were trying to get things figured out and so I did send the starfish off to her... guess that was the wrong call.... Although I never did get the notebook that was going along with it.
  2. krishna69z

    Etiquette Advice

    A way to explain it might be something like "obtaining every day items in Cuba even if you have money can be very difficult, therefore providing items in lieu of cash tips is very acceptable" Hit things we had were kids clothes, disposable razors, pantyhose and ibuprofen/tylenol, but even simple things like a box of nice pens goes a long way. I ended up leaving my set of pens at the front desk after watching the girls fight over the one I accidentally left at the desk.
  3. krishna69z

    Iberostar Laguna Azul - Regular plug ins or not??

    We were there in December and any of the room plug ins, are 220 and do need the converter and right plug set, and our bathroom 110 didn't work at all, so definitely check your items.
  4. krishna69z

    Which resort will do a Beach Reception?

    I believe Iberostar Laguna Azul will do it for $$$, or at least we're getting the option of the palapas near the beach.
  5. I had a great experience at both Bello World and Tiffany Bridal, with my final purchase being at Tiffany. I had an incredibly bad experience along the New West strip and was happy to back to Vancouver.
  6. I actually heard from her over the weekend through a PM but haven't been able to make it to the forum since then. Karla, I'll let you make the executive call... sorry Surprise it's taken
  7. So it looks like we've got a couple of us coming up for ILA... I'm seriously debating the benefit of bringing down decorations. Our colours are peacock blue & yellow. Does anyone know what decorations Yahimara has down there? We've only got a group of 25 including ourselves so I'm not even certain about doing table seating plans etc. Anyone else being offered the palapas as an option for the private dinner using the standard menu? I'm really wishing that I had booked the private dinner last year when we booked our wedding. Then the 8pm sitting would have been free instead of $15 pp, oh well. The newest photos on the Facebook page from the resort photographer seem to be better quality... anyone heard anything about them changing photographers?
  8. There might be space in the Karla's blue starfish set as we haven't yet heard from bnbrmy. She's got 2 weeks to respond to our PM.... what do you think Karla? It would be very easy for me to send the starfish to Surprise is taken as I'll be heading to Winnipeg just after New Years so I could personally deliver it, or send it home with my Mom right after the trip. Erin
  9. Karla, I did try PM bnbrmy shortly after I was contacted about my details and haven't heard from her yet. I'll try sending her another PM today and give her 2 weeks to respond and will let you know the verdict.
  10. My dress came in Labour day weekend but this is the first time I've been able to go in and try it on. I'm so excited that it fits great, although it needs a serious hemming, looking to take it to ankle length, and even debating using the extra fabric as a train.
  11. krishna69z

    Vancouver Brides out there?

    Why don't we ask for BDW group? Then if there's no one there yet, the first person there can actually set it up and we should be able to go from there? Â
  12. What awesome pics! Looks like you've got some great memories captured. Â
  13. krishna69z

    December 2010 Brides!

    I'm finally realizing that should have been looking for my shoes over the summer, but it didn't dawn on me until this week... eek, and especially as my dress comes in less than a month. Otherwise I'm also starting to feel the crunch of the to-do lists, figuring out hair and trying to get the details out to everyone and coordinating the stragglers..... all I can say is thank god for destination weddings because I don't have the patience to be doing more than this!
  14. krishna69z

    Vancouver Brides out there?

    I'll be late as I've got a work meeting until 5:30, but I'll be there :-)
  15. Vero007, we actually selected Iberostar Laguna Azul, but Melia Varadero was a very close second. We're not scheduled for our wedding until Dec 1st, 2010 so I'm just starting to work on the wedding details at the resort. There are a few reviews about both Melia Varadero and Laguna Azul from other brides on the forum. Â The advice I got when we were making our decision was that really that you would have your day regardless of which resort you picked as it's all about what you make of it. Look at your budget, people traveling (ie no American guests) and where you would like to visit and make the decision that way. Our original decision was between Jamaica and Cuba, and as you said, the bang for your buck is definitely with Cuba and we really wanted to go to Cuba before the Americans (and Walmart & Starbucks) have come in and change the feel of the country. Â Best of luck and I'm sure what ever you decide you'll be able to make it your own and have a memorable day.