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  1. Hi Ladies, I have found this forum to be so extremely helpful so wanted to return the favor! I just posted my review with pictures - sorry it took so long. I think it's sorted alphabetically so look for the one titiled OURVM. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions. Hope you find the review helpful. Cheers!
  2. Hi all, For those of you who are looking for cricut or cuddlebug machines, Eziba.com is having a sale!
  3. Jana - I haven't posted my wedding video on the forum. I haven't seen anyone post one. If you're interested in seeing it though, pm me and I'll share our link with you.
  4. Hi all, I just received my wedding video today and was able to take images from the video (sorry the quality is not that great). All the flower arrangements including vases (pews and the 2 mini trees by the candles) were provided by Julieta. For me, this was exactly what I wanted so I was really happy when I first saw it walking down the aisle with my dad. Pews - these were later re-used during the cocktail hour. Julieta put the pews in a tall cylinder vase so it was cascading down the vase - this was another $ saving trick Julieta suggested which worked out great! Close up of the arrangements by the candles:
  5. Jana - I think it also really helped that we had a meeting with Julieta before the wedding at our venues so that she can get a sense of the atmosphere and space. I know it helped me relax to hear how Julieta was planning to place the flower arrangements and pews - just to make sure we had the same vision. I would definitely suggest this to other brides!
  6. Jana - The first photo with the ocean in the background was what I sent Julieta as inspiration. The second photo with the empty candle holder was a sample Julieta had put together and sent to me to confirm. What I received on my wedding day looked exactly like the sample Julieta sent me except the color of the flowers were slightly paler and not as "hot" pink as it is on the photos and there were candles in the crystal/glass candle holders. I'm sorry I don't have photos yet to post but I was very happy with the centerpieces that Julieta put together and am still receiving compliments as to how great the centerpieces looked.
  7. Regarding the after sun wipes - I had the same issue so I ended up getting the 16 package for $4 on minimus - I figured it was ok since we just packed one per room. Hope this helps.
  8. DanniS - Yes, the white linen and napkins is standard and included in the wedding package. The additional charge is only applicable for colored or special overlay/napkins.
  9. Yes! In hindsight, we should have saved the time and money we spent on the playing cards and key card holder and just got everyone the dry pak. Oh well - that's why I'm posting to future brides.
  10. Hi, We ordered our OOT bags (personalized jute bags) from discountmugs. Most of our guests used these as some didn't bring beach bags and others just didn't want to get theirs dirty with sand so I think it was a hit. Inside our OOT bags - 1 per room: Kwik Tek Dry Pak wallet (Waterproof pack) from Amazon ($5.75 each) - this was a HIT! People used this for their keys and tip money in the pool, snorkeling, etc and kept everything completely dry.... everyone loved this one! Keycard holder with whistle from orientaltrading - per guest - this was definitely used by the guests who didn't grab the dry pak first Hand Sanitizer from Bed Bath and Beyond - didn't quite see people using this Pashmina - our lady guests definitely found this useful since it was quite chilly in the morning and night and so this was quite handy. Flip flops from Oldnavy - per guest - half of the guests wore the ones we provided Personalized playing cards with our logo from artscow (I got these on sale for $4.99/deck) - didn't really see people using this since most were lounging in the sun Welcome photo books - most people didn't even spend time looking through this and we spent a long time working on them... First aid kit from Target Medicine pouch - Immodium, Tylenol, Pepto, Mosquito repellent, after sting, after sun, antiseptic wipe and Neosporin from minimus Bowtie bottle opener - not used In general, I think the biggest hit was the dry pak since most of guests didn't have one and it's something useful for their future trips. First aid and medicine pouch most commented were thoughtful. Families with kids were typically prepared but others did break in to the kit and pouch. Hope this helps.
  11. Sorry - I forgot to mention also that I had found Julieta from another bride on this forum.
  12. Hi Ladies, I'm really sorry that some of you have had bad experiences. I did use Julieta for our flowers for the ceremony and reception at Dreams Tulum so I can't comment on anything other than flowers but I was very happy with all our flower arrangements. I was planning to post a preliminary review before I received photos from my photographer but am truly surprised (and sorry) with the negative reviews. I made a last minute decision to hire an outside florist instead of using the resort because I wanted something different and frankly better response time and better pricing. I traded Skype sessions, emails and photos with Julieta to ensure we were on the same page and she sent me samples of what she made (they were not photos from knots, marthastewart, .com, etc - you're right, some of the photos on her site are from those sites but I guess it didn't really bother me - I just figured she could do those as well...) I'm posting photos of what I wanted and photos of samples that Julieta sent me as confirmation based on my budget. My colors were white and pink so they were not as hot pink for the actual day. My centerpieces were true to the samples that Julieta sent - I will post a more detailed review on the ceremony and reception flowers once I receive pictures from my wedding photographer. I'd be happy to answer any questions.
  13. Hi Ladies, I just returned from our wedding at Dreams Tulum. Everything was fantastic and just wanted to assure all upcoming brides that there is NOTHING to worry about! I just wanted to thank everyone for all their help during the planning process and I will be sure to write a detailed review once I get settled and have some pictures to show. I did learn a few $ saving tips for those who are looking to use the Wine Cellar which I will include in the review. In the meantime, if you have any questions, I will try to answer them as best as I can. Thanks again for all the inspiration and help!
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